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December 14, 2018

12 Cats of Christmas

Christmas is coming, and these cats have a few things to say about the holiday season.


How long do I have to hang around, waiting for this Santa dude?


What? This is THE look this season.


When it comes to decorating I’m “a head” of the game.

Via Flickr

Via Orangeaurochs on Flickr


Barin’ claws and breakin’ laws.


Hollywood lighting is the best… just ask Barbra Streisand.


Tree-decorating is HARD work.


It can’t be December because this HAS to be an April Fool’s Day joke.


“We are NOT amused.”


For me? You shouldn’t have!


 Allow me to show you our finest selection of catnip, imported directly from the North Pole.


You will experience my wrath at approximately 4:33 AM. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Listen … I’m the best gift under this tree.


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