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November 7, 2018

“Mature Feline with Baggage Seeks Same”

5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

There’s no denying it: kittens are cute. It’s easy to walk into any animal rescue and head straight for the fuzzy babies, but let’s get real: senior cats have just as much to offer a loving family – if not more, since they’ve been around the proverbial ‘block.’

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, a cat is considered “senior” at age seven. In most circles (not including Hollywood) 7 is the new 4. But in pet adoption circles, even 5 is OLD. Yet there’s many factors to consider in the kitten v. senior smackdown. Here are five reasons to consider senior cats for adoption:

Image credit: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, Flickr

1. They’re more chill.
Generally speaking, senior cats are way more calm, cool, and collected than their feisty kitten counterparts.

What this means: they’re more likely to settle in for a cuddle, and less likely to climb the drapes. In particular, an older cat is a great choice for those who’d like a binge-watch buddy, those in the 55+ ranges, and fams with younger children.

Image credit: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, Flickr 

2. Their PURRsonalities are developed
What you see if what you get. Most rescues offer details about each cat’s personality and history – super helpful info when adding a feline to a household. With a senior, you’ll know pretty quickly if he/she doesn’t do well around dogs or other cats, and if he’s overly shy or a serious snuggler. With kittens, you have a while to wait until their full personality unfolds.

Image credit: Mark Lemming, Flickr

3. They’re already trained
SCORE! Most older, adoptable cats are already experienced with litter box behavior and general household etiquette. If not, they’re easily trainable with time and patience.

Image credit: MB, Flickr


4. Health issues have been identified
If said new kitteh friend has a chronic health condition, it has more than likely been diagnosed.

What this means, part 2: you are clear with any conditions that come along with the new family member, and can be prepared for the particular care that might be required.

Image credit: Amanda Wray, Flickr

5. The LOVE factor
Truth: Senior cats are unfortunately some of the least adopted. Let’s face it: everyone wants a cute kitten. But the fact of the matter is this: senior cats – like hoomans – come with a degree of wisdom, and a sassy ‘I’ve been around the block’ air about them. Count this as a blessing. A cat that comes not with baggage, but an innate knowledge of when to give you snuggles and no ‘tude is a gem. Which is reason enough to give them a second — and sometimes third, fourth or fifth — chance at a quality life.


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