7 Questions for Nala and Fam!

We recently caught up with three of CatCon’s biggest stars: the sibling trio of Nala, White Coffee Cat, and Luna Rose. Everyone who follows them online (which is everyone) has gotten to know them, but we felt the need to dig a little deeper and ask the really important questions that are on everyone’s mind.

1. Bags or boxes?

Nala: Bags! They’re better for doing really SECRET hiding.

2. Where’s your favorite place to sleep?

Luna Rose: Anywhere I can stretch out and expose my belly so everyone can admire and rub my belly floof.

3. If you had a theme song, what would it be?

White Coffee Cat: “Eye of the Tiger” because I’m a brave cancer survivor!

White Coffee Cat and his care team at CVS Angel Care Cancer Center.

Top left: Maggie Price, RVT, Oncology Technician, Middle left: Sumitra Price, RVT, CVPM, Couch left: Shannon Ellis and Luna Rose, Couch middle: Dr. Gregory Ogilvie, Couch right: Pookie Methachittphan and White Coffee Cat, Right Miranda Becerra, Oncology Technician, Top right: Alexia Martinez, Oncology Technician Assistant


4. Who’s the boss at your house?

Nala: Me, of course. In fact, I take all my meals on the kitchen counter so I can flaunt my elevated status.

5. You have 2 sisters (cats) 2 brothers (cats) and one dog. Do you guys all hang out in the same area, or…

White Coffee Cat: Have you ever heard the term, “cuddle puddle?” That’s us.

6. Favorite way to travel. Car or plane?

White Coffee Cat: Whatever gets me there the fastest.
Luna Rose: Whichever means I get more treats.
Nala: Where are we going? Will there be toys? Boxes?

7. Are you a morning person, or more of a night owl?

All Three Cats: YES.


Nala, White Coffee Cat, and Luna Rose will be doing Meet & Greets at CatCon August 12 & 13, and Luna Rose will be presenting the Freshest Loaf Award at the CatCon Awards on Sunday, August 13!