8 Cats Who Must Sleep Now

Cats are known nap enthusiasts. They also don’t like to miss anything — especially if it involves treats of any kind. Sometimes kitties desperately fight their natural urge to fall asleep, and fail miserably. Plus, they know they’ll probably use their wiles later on to score a few treats from us humans who are total suckers.

Here are eight cats who just can’t fight that feeling any longer.


1. It’s hard work to be a kitten. So hard.


Ze’ev Barkan, Flickr

2. Hey, naps don’t grow themselves.



3. When “falling asleep” is a literal thing.


Wikipedia Commons

4. Inversion napping is all the rage.



5. When your floof’s weighing you down … or back.


via Max Pixel

6. Sleeping with one eye open means you never miss a treat opp.



7. Ears are heavy.


via Pixabay

8. Making a blanket statement about naps.


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