9 Up and Comers You Need to Know Meow

These 9 rising stars of the cat world are leaping from our social feeds straight to the Big Time!

Curious Zelda

Twitter bio: I am Zelda the cat. Hunter of house flies and keeper of string. Easily startled. Fish advocate. Often caught staring.

Why we love her: Her hilarious bon mots will have you rolling.
“I said I could

They said I can’t

I knew I would

I ate the plant”


I think Merlins therapist needs a therapist #deeplyrootedissues

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Instagram bio: I’m here for a long time not a good time. Ragdoll / Himalayan / Spirit Animal

Why we love him: Three words: his calculator video.

Sophie the Model

Instagram Bio: Aspiring meowdel & ambassador for black cats at cute4kind.org

Why we love her: Her amazing trips into the great outdoors, not to mention her outstanding wardrobe.

Dumpster Cat Turkey

Instagram bio: Official mascot of Sugarpill. Probably a Norwegian Forest Cat. Definitely from a dumpster.

Why we love him: Found in a dumpster behind the headquarters of Sugarpill cosmetics a little over two years ago, he has become the office mascot, bringing joy and makeup advice to all who cross his path.


Instagram bio:I am the Prime Minister of Underthebedistan & the King of Armpit cuddles.

Why we love him: He’s a big fan of derpitude and makes that very known in his posts.

Cutest Little Nudist

Instagram bio: My name is Nami as in Tsunami 🌊 Landed on Earth 8/5/16 Atlanta, GA
Nudist babe. #baldisbeautiful Follow me for a good time

Why we love her: She’s a master cuddler and those blue eyes would give Frank Sinatra a run for his money.



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Instagram bio: I’m a 1 year old Scottish fold mix. I’m very talkative and my front legs are very short. LA, CA I love you.

Why we love her: She’s got the best jiggly belly around, plus her hilarious facial expressions are off the hook.

Sir Thomas Trueheart

Instagram bio: Milo’s Sanctuary saved my life after I had acid poured on my face. I’m now a spokescat for the abused & forgotten.

Why we love him: Like many rescues out there, he went through a horrible experience; yet he pulled through, purring all the way, and has not let it get him down for one moment!

Wolfie Smiles


A post shared by Wolfie (@wolfie_smiles) on

Instagram bio: Domestic Shorthair w/ a cute overbite. In foster care through @FFLRescueNetwork.

Why we love him: True to his name, this little cuddler is always smiling, and that puts a smile on our face daily!


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