September 3, 2018

Adventure Cats We Love

Okay, summer’s basically over and fall is just around the corner. It’s gonna get colder, and for many of us, that means time to stay inside, get cozy and move less.



But the change in weather means a whole lot of nothing to these kitties, who prove to be more adventurous than many of us humans. Here’s a few of our favorite feline wanderlusters.


Featured image and image above: Instagram/@sukiicat

This Bengal beauty hails from Canada. She is a fan of just about every outdoor activity, ranging from canoeing to mountain climbing. Nothing is off limits for this little lady, and her humans take some of the most picturesque photos ever.


Salty Sea Cat


This handsome sea farer hails from the West Coast Islands, a cluster of small islands located in the Inner Hebrides. His destinations are stunning, just like him, and sometimes when watching their videos, all we can hear is Christopher Cross singing this.


Jennifer Vaniston


Now to be clear, the cat’s name is Marbles, and Jennifer Vaniston is the name of the van she lives in. Marbles accompanies her human Ollie, a geologist, on road trips across Australia. From the looks of things, this twosome have the perfect live/work balance, complimented by surfing and BBQ’s galore.


Fluffles the Cat


More of an urban dweller, London based Fluffles can be found in places like the London Tube, and the local pub. Like all of us though, she has the strong desire to get time outside the urban jungle, and frequently hits the beach, sunglasses and all.


Leon the Adventure Cat


Adopted in November of 2017, Leon’s bio on Instagram states “adventurous orange tabby preparing for world domination. Hiking, camping, short walks on the beach.” Leon, we wish you were human because you sound like the PURRfect man.




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