April 13, 2021

Bingo and Pumpkin

Bingo and Pumpkin is one of our aMEOWzing Premium Exhibitors. Be sure to visit their virtual booth at CatCon From Your Couch!

Our project is about creating a world of happy cats, and to do that we brought Bingo and Pumpkin onto our cat-loving project team.   Pumpkin was born with a tumor that blocked the development of one of her lungs.  Because of this, at four months old the doctors gave her just a few more months to live.  Yet she is still hanging on after four years, surviving on courage and hope.   Our cats do many things for us every day, sometimes teaching us life lessons, other times consoling us when we’re feeling down.  Our products are designed for the health and enjoyment of humans and cats alike.   

We just got started, so we hardly even have our own brand yet.  But we have our goals, and those are to develop products that make people and cats happy, and to bring down the communication barriers between cat-lovers the world over.  Please join us in our mission!