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March 31, 2019

Catching Up with Sir Thomas Trueheart

Our friend Sir Thomas Trueheart is going to be one of the celebricats participating in Meet & Greets at CatCon in June (CLICK HERE to buy tickets). Get to know this brave and noble cat, the causes that are dearest to him, and his plans for CatCon! 


How did you get your name? How old are you?

Sir Thomas Trueheart: The people who were feeding me when I was living on the streets before I was attacked called me Tommy, and when I got to Milo’s Sanctuary, Michele the President named me Sir Thomas Trueheart. They also call me Papa Lion, as I take care of the kittens when they come to the sanctuary. The vet people said I was about 5-7 years old when I was rescued, and that was almost three years ago so I’m either 8 or 10 but I don’t know how old that would be in human years.


We heard there was some bullying going on not too long ago. Usually people think bullying is in regard to kids. Can you tell us what happened?

A photo of me was put on Reddit and people where making awful comments and saying I was something from a horror movie and the stuff that nightmares are made out of. They also took my photo and made it into mean memes and I just couldn’t understand why humans would do that to me. I know it upset the humans at Milo’s a lot. I wasn’t angry about it, just sad. So I spoke out because I know some other special needs cat friends were also being bullied on social media. The Milo’s humans and I created Tommy Cruelty Free Thursday where you can learn all about how to live a cruelty free life and help the animals who have no voice along the way. I know children are bullied by other children and sometimes adults and I want them to know that I stand with them and I know what it feels like but you always have to talk to an adult you trust about what’s going on and let them know. We need to embrace each other and our differences and to help to heal all that live and share the earth together.


How has your life changed since you won The CatCon Award for Biggest Newcomer in 2017?

Sir Tommy, Winner of Biggest Newcomer at CatCon 2017

It has made people more aware of special needs cats (I’m also FIV+). My job is to help educate humans about how special needs cats can do everything any cat can do. I get to meet all kinds of people and hear their stories and share mine, it’s so wonderful! I get lots of extra treats now too and such wonderful gifts from people all over the world. Having won such an honor, my goal is to make sure to always show my friends and fans how appreciative I am at all times. Except maybe when it’s food time– then I can be kind of demanding.


You’re coming to CatCon this year! Can you tell us what your plans are? Are you excited to meet anyone in particular?

Oh my heavens, I am SOOO excited I cannot tell you! When I found out I couldn’t believe it!! I want to meet all my friends and make new ones, I want everyone to know what is going on at our Sanctuary and about all my cat friends that Milo’s has rescued. I plan to make sure I’m extra floofy and even wash between my toes to get ready. I have to be honest, I’m super excited to meet all the cats and humans but extra special excited to meet some of the pretty girl cats! I can’t tell you who cause I’m too embarrassed.


You live at Milo’s Sanctuary. Can you tell us a bit about them, and what they do?

I am lucky enough to live at the Sanctuary. We have our own fireplace to keep us warm in the winter and lots of toys and fountains. The humans also built a large fully enclosed deck so we can go out and get fresh air and watch the birds and other animals that come through the sanctuary. Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue is a non-profit and it was built on the belief that all cats deserve a second chance at life, especially those that have been abused, seniors, born with birth defects or terminal illnesses.

Sir Tommy relaxing on the catio at Milo’s Sanctuary.

Take me for instance; not only was I gravely injured by having acid purposely poured all over my head, but I also have FIV. Now, some people really worry about having an FIV+ cat, but I can tell you that FIV is not a big deal. We FIV+ cats can live normal, happy and long lives and we can even live with FIV negative cats as long as there is no biting and we are all fixed. FIV is only transmitted from cat to cat (humans can’t catch it) by deep bite wounds and mating. We do have lowered immune systems and some of us have teeth issues but with a human who loves and cares for us we’ll be just fine.

So, cats from all walks of life and from all over the world come to the Sanctuary and the humans give them all the love and care they need for however long they are here. When the cat or kitten can find a home they get adopted to very special people but for those of us who have ongoing medical issues there’s a Lifetime Care Program where people can sponsor us so that we have all the medical care, medicine, special food or anything else we require for our lives.


Let’s talk cuddles. Are you more in love with tummy rubs, or head scratches?


Gentlemen prefer chin scritches

I’m not a belly guy, but I love my chin scratched and my back petted. Because of the injuries from the attack, I don’t like my ears or around my cheeks touched because it’s super sensitive and so I will let someone know I don’t like it by pushing their hand away with my paw!


What is your motto?

Be the voice of the voiceless and true to your heart always.

This article was originally posted in 2018. 


You can meet Sir Thomas Trueheart and many of his celebricat pals at CatCon! CatCon 2019 is June 29th and 30th at The Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!