August 15, 2019

Cats Watching TV


When you’re an indoor cat, sometimes things get a little dull. Sure, there are toys to be pounced on, cat trees to climb, and sunbeams to nap in. If you’re lucky, a furry brother or sister to play with. But sometimes you just want to shake up your routine a little.

Sometimes, you’re one of the #catswatchingtv we’ve been obsessed with.

Image above courtesy @ashmac87 on Instagram


These cats, they have ecclectic tastes. From cartoons and animated films…


… to light-hearted shows like “Jane the Virgin”…


… and Emmy-winning dystopian drama “A Handmaid’s Tale”.

“Under his eye” indeed!


They’re stoked about the “Veronica Mars” reboot.


“UGH! These dogs get all the best roles.”


“I’ll take ‘Birds’ for $1000, Alex”


But paws down, their fave channel is Animal Planet.


That cat at the end looks familiar. Cousin Louie, is that you?


“Quiet, I’m doing research.”


“Hold still, darn it!”


Shark Week, more like BIRD WEEK, AMIRITE?


TV time = bonding time with your bestie.


They say TV’s bad for you, but not when it helps you reach your #FITNESSGOALS!


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