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August 5, 2018

Cindy and Felix, Foster Fail


If you’re like us, most of your Instagram feed is paw-sitively packed with cats, and you’re probably no stranger to Cindy Congdon and @foster_kittens. She regularly documents the sometimes chaotic, but always delightful goings-on in her home for her 466k followers. Most of the kittens are adopted into loving families, but occasionally one kitty finds his forever home with Cindy. (The rescue community calls this a foster fail, and it can be adorable.)


Image courtesy of @foster_kittens


This was the case with Felix, a gorgeous boy with a pink nose and floofy tail. Cindy says, “Felix was one of our foster kittens. We bottle-fed him since he didn’t have a mommy cat, and then adopted him after that. He was born on the day that my old cat passed away, and it seemed serendipitous.”




Now Felix is an adult and has his own Instagram handle (@felixandmarvin).


Image courtesy of @foster_kittens


He also helps Cindy care for the little ones. She says, “Felix loves snuggling with and bathing our foster kittens.” What a loverboy!



Image courtesy of @foster_kittens


Cindy and Felix appeared at CatCon 2018 in Meet and Greets, while Cindy also presented the seminar, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Foster Kittens, But Were Afraid to Ask” Presented by ASPCA.


CatCon will return in 2019! More info coming soon!