April 13, 2021

Cocktails and Meows

CocktailsandMeows is one of our MEOW-velous Premium Sponsors at CatCon From Your Couch. Be sure to visit their Virtual Booth to shop and learn more!

Hello from CocktailsandMeows at CatCon From Your Couch! We want to share the story of our Organic Catnip & Silvervine Infused Paper Sheets, actually developed by cats! We wrap all our toys, fresh filled here in California, in tissue sprinkled with a little of our 100 Proof Silvervine when we send them out to our customers so everyone’s cats get an extra treat! We kept getting messages back that everyone’s cats loved the tissue, as well as the toys.. which gave us an idea. Why not pack multiples of the tissue sheets, along with a refresher package of our 100 Proof Silvervine, in its own package, creating a completely new kind of activity toy!

So we did it! The great thing about our activity toy is that cats (and cat owners) can use the sheets however they like! On their own… or playing with someone else, human or cat!

Cats can lay on the sheets; can rip them apart; can ball them up; can hide under them. And owners have told us they’ve even used the sheets to wrap presents for their cats! One of our customers recently bought several packages (they come in 6 color combinations) to share with shelter cats she helps take care of.

The sheets are marinated in our Organic Catnip and 100 Proof Silvervine for a minimum of two weeks. They are super attractive to cats.. as even cats who aren’t crazy about catnip go fo the silvervine. If your cats don’t go for catnip know that only about half of cats do react to catnip. Silvervine, on the other hand, is a stimulant for about 80% of cats. We like to call it our shot of espresso!! Both are naturally derived. While catnip is a type of mint plant, silvervine is a type of kiwi plant. Our 100 Proof Silvervine is finely ground dried fruit and flowers from the plants.

We hope you check out our Organic Catnip & Silvervine Infused Paper Sheets