A Day in the Life of Moshow

We caught up with Moshow, everybody’s favorite cat rapper, and asked him how he spends a typical day. You know him from his videos (Cat Bath Rap and Cat World) and his new EP, Cat Love!!

7:00 AM — Wake up, snuggle with girlfriend EmSee (#FirstCatLady), and kitties, Ravioli, Sushi, Tali, and MegaMam

7:15 AM — Fill cats’ bowls while keeping an eye on Ravioli, who’s always getting into trouble

7:30 AM — Morning routine, which includes breakfast, shooting new videos, answering emails, social media (especially love #BeautifulCatLadyWednesdays), and goofing around with the cats! Sushi loves tug-of-war, Tali plays chase with a ball, MegaMam sleeps, and Ravioli tries to open cabinet doors

3:00 PM — Personal time! Bike-riding in the park, hiking, going to the arcade, playing video games, signing autographs, performing, taking ALL four cats for a ride in the stroller. Nap? No time for naps!

7:00 PM — No more work! Time for dinner with EmSee, more play with kitties, and snuggling up with everyone to catch up on Blackish, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother

1:00 AM — Climb into bed with EmSee and all four cats. It’s been a busy day!

We’re so excited to welcome Moshow to the CatCon family this year, as “Best Vocalist” presenter and performer at the CatCon Awards and at the CatCon VideoFest. Follow him @iammoshow on Instagram for his latest music and adventures!