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January 15, 2020

Epic Winter Floof!

Has the winter weather got you down? Sämpy Cat and friends don’t mind a little snow, thanks to their EPIC FLOOF! Here’s what other cats are up to this winter… 

Photo credit: @sampycat on Instagram


WERK! This Siberian’s got superMEOW-del moves! 


Friends FUR-EVER! 


Expert PURR-veyor of snow yoga (snow-ga?)


Cold temps? S’NO problem! 


Mmmm, BRRR-isk! 


“Hey girl… I like long walks in the snow, followed by a cuddle by the fire.”


“I’m siiinging in the snow, just singing in the snow…” 


“My jacket is 50% weather protection, 100% style!”


Halt! Who goes there? 


Of course, we won’t blame you if you’d rather stay warm indoors with your kitty… 


Preferably with a nice warm beverage! 


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