October 19, 2017

Fans Share Their Stories for #blackcatfriday

October is Black Cat Awareness month, so we asked our Facebook fans to share photos of their house panthers. There were more than 800 submissions! If that’s any indication of the love their humans have for black cats, it’s clear they’re anything but bad luck.

Here are a few stories — and of course — squee-worthy photos.

“I had recently lost my kitty, and while I wanted to adopt another, I wasn’t quite ready. I was browsing the county shelter website daily and fell for her bio…later, when I was ready,  she was still there. No one wanted an older, non-social kitty. When I went to the shelter, all the other cats were begging for attention, but her back was turned to us. We went into the visiting room, and as soon as the door was closed, she climbed on my lap and refused to move. That was almost 8 years ago.” –Wendy B.


“My daughter called me about asking me to please take (Tabitha) in because the people who had her didn’t want her anymore and were going to dump her in a field. So I took her in and was going to find her a home, but fell in love with her, so she’s been my baby ever since.” — Marian P.


“Here’s us with our black cat Ted. We got him from a rescue center –  he was 8, FIV positive and black (so typically not considered to be very adoptable) but I’m a sucker for a black cat! We had 3 amazing years with him. He was such a big character and never let his illness get him down. He was our hairy little child and we loved him.” — Jenny M.


“I found him April of this year in front of our house in the middle of the road crying uncontrollably. He was around 2 weeks old with a severe upper respiratory infection and his eyes were glued shut. I nursed him back to health and bottle fed him… and he made it. It was on a night of a full moon so I named him Moon.” –Dawn R.


“This is Daisy. Her pregnant mama showed up at our house looking for food and love. A few weeks later and we had six little black jelly beans camping out in our laundry room. They were all adopted out, even Mama, but the last adopter had to back out. We had three cats already, but at that point we had Daisy–who went by Peanut at the time due to being the runt –for so long we decided she was right where she was supposed to be..” –Kathleen S.


“This is SpOck. I was picking up some heartworm medication for my dogs and I heard this loud meow from the hospital area of our vet. I asked why the kitty was so unhappy and I was told about his sad life. He was only a couple of weeks old and was thrown from an apartment balcony 4 stories up. He landed on his head and broke his spine and fractured his skull. My vet took him in and worked for hours and days to save him. He finally showed improvement and started eating. And once cleared, I decided to give him his forever home… he still doesn’t walk straight and falls over a lot. When he walks he slams his front paws down and it’s like he is marching. Despite everything, he has one of the best personalities and devoted to my husband and myself.” –Jennifer S.


“I went to the Petsmart hoping to find a kitty to adopt. I had recently moved to a one story home so my aging mom could move in with me. She is not an animal lover, but knew I couldn’t live without a cat. I did not make a connection with any of the available cats, many would have blended in with the carpet colors and mom might have tripped over them. Next, I visited our county shelter which sends animals to Petsmart. As I was hopefully walking through, Chico (formerly known as Vader) grabbed me with his paw. He is the most loving creature. He loves everyone and everyone loves him…even…my mom!” –Shelly


Keep the Black Cat Celebration going by reading more reader-submitted stories (or adding your own!) on our Facebook page.

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