The CatCon Awareness Pavilion

In addition to the many exhibitors selling merch at CatCon August 12 & 13, we’re proud to include six esteemed organizations on our Awareness Pavilion, adjacent to the Adoption Lounge. We encourage you to stop by and learn more about their missions.

Alley Cat Allies

Advocating for community cats. Image courtesy Alley Cat Allies

Community cats are often misunderstood, and Alley Cat Allies is out to change that perception. This reputable organization is a resource for thousands of dedicated cat caregivers, advocates, nonprofit groups, and volunteers. They provide education and support for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and SNR (Shelter-Neuter-Return) programs, and low-cost spay and neuter programs. They also work to bring vital information about community cats to institutions and communities, in hopes of combatting false claims that get cats killed in shelters. In addition, they’re strong advocates for anti-cruelty laws that protect all cats in the U.S. — including community cats.

Visit them in Booth #1023


Assisi Animal Health

Lil BUB tries The Loop. Image courtesy Assisi Animal Health

Sometimes pet owners are looking for alternatives when it comes to their loved one’s health condition. This is where Assisi Animal Health comes in. Their mission is to improve the life journey of animals. This includes a unique combination of technology and product design that serves unmet clinical needs. Currently, they provide the Assisi Loop, which utilizes PEMF technologies that provide electric currents to promote health and healing. The Loop may be used to treat orthopedic injuries, degenerative disorders, neurological issues, post-surgical pain and swelling, inflammatory conditions, and wounds.

Visit them in Booth #1120


Cornell Feline Health Center

Professionals are dedicated to feline health. Image courtesy Cornell Feline Health Center

Affiliated with Cornell University, Cornell Feline Health Center is a champion of supporting feline health with information and research on diseases and conditions that affect cats. In fact, they’re the first center dedicated solely to feline health. Dr. Louis J. Camuti Memorial Feline Consultation Service — the first of its kind — provides callers with up-to-date information on feline health care. This is a welcome relief to cat owners who want reliable information from a trusted source.

Visit them in Booth #1124


Kind Traveler

Travel AND help animals. Image courtesy @kindtraveler on Instagram

What if you had the opportunity to help animals in need while booking your travel arrangements? You do! According to Kind Traveler’s website, their mission is “to transform the incredible collective of everyday travelers into a financial force that betters the health and well-being of individuals, animals, and the environment.” They do this by using a unique hotel booking platform called “Give and Get.”

Travelers give a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the neighborhood to which they’re traveling, or a favorite charity on the platform. In exchange for the donation, travelers unlock exclusive rates to book directly with carefully chosen properties. They truly are a “warrior for good.”

Visit them in Booth #1025

Milo’s Sanctuary

A special home for special cats. Image courtesy Milo’s Sanctuary

All cats deserve love, care, and a safe home. Milo’s Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue provides that place, especially to cats who are seniors, have physical disabilities or a terminal illness, or have been abused. The cats who come to Milo’s Sanctuary receive medical attention, and then are fostered in volunteers’ homes The ones who are unable to be rehomed are guaranteed a forever home through the Lifetime Care Program.

Visit them in Booth #1021

Red Rover

Providing solutions for people and pets in crisis. Image courtesy Red Rover

Sometimes during a crisis, people feel helpless when it comes to care for their pets. For 30 years RedRover,  a national animal welfare organization serving the United States and Canada, has been dedicated to moving animals out of crisis and into care. They also strengthen the human-animal bond through emergency sheltering, disaster relief, financial assistance, and education.
Visit them in Booth #1122


CatCon 2017 is taking place August 12 & 13 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. A portion of proceeds from every ticket sold goes to cat welfare charities, and helps raise awareness for wonderful organizations like these. Tickets are on sale now!