October 4, 2020

Fun & Sustainable Products For Your Cat

We’re highlighting our Premium Exhibitors in the lead up to CatCon. Today’s post is by Boba&Vespa be sure to check them out in our Virtual Exhibit Hall at CatCon From Your Couch!

Do you love your cat and your planet? So do we, that’s why we created Boba&Vespa. Boba&Vespa is the brand on a mission to eliminate plastic in the pet industry by creating truly eco-friendly and sustainable products that are loved by your kitty and your planet equally. Boba&Vespa products are all made in the USA and are completely plastic free, down to the thread and packaging. If you are looking for stylish, durable, kitty pleasing products that are as good for your planet as they are for your furball, look no further. 

PLAY – The Planet Friendly Way

Boba&Vespa toys are constructed from durable, stylish and all-natural hemp canvas and organic cotton sherpa. Packed with organic cotton filling, organically grown catnip, natural crinkling buckwheat hulls, hemp rope and sisal twine ensure they stimulate all of your furball’s senses. Slithering Snakes, flying Stingrays, Pyramids and Kickers give your cat something to pounce, play, swat and snuggle with no matter what their mood. Shop toys and special bundles!

HIDE – The Planet Friendly Way

All kitties need a place to hide, sleep and play. The Water Gem Cardboard Cat House was specifically designed to ensure your cat has a place to explore and feel safe while looking super stylish in your home. Funded on Kickstarter in less than two weeks, the Water Gem has been loved by kitties across the country as the coolest, most planet friendly hideout around. Call it a house, a spaceship, a geometric castle, intergalactic portal, we call it the Water Gem and your kitty will never want to leave it. Get a Water Gem for your kitty now!

POO – The Planet Friendly Way

Everybody poos, right? But not everyone has their poo tied up in a plastic bag and preserved for thousands of years. It’s time to stop preserving poo. Boba&Vespa’s Planet Digestible Cat Litter Bags allows you to do just that. Made from maize flour and vegetable oil, our cat litter bags contain no planet harming plastic, no fossil fuels and are completely landfill safe. They will decompose safely regardless of how you dispose of them. The stylish, convenient and plastic free holder makes it easy to store and dispense your bags. If you’re tired of feeling bad about packing your furball’s poo into planet harming plastic bags, we understand. Start collecting poo guilt-free with Planet Digestible Cat Litter Bags.

Boba&Vespa is super excited to be at CatCon this year even if only virtually. We regret that we don’t get to meet everyone in person and hope that everyone has a safe and healthy end to 2020. We look forward to a couple days of everything kitty to bring some levity back to life. We hope to meet you virtually now and can’t wait to see you next year. We wish everyone a wonderful CatCon!

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