April 13, 2021

Happy Cat Hotel Franchising

Happy Cat Hotel Franchising is one of our aMEOWzing Premium Exhibitors. Be sure to visit their virtual booth at CatCon From Your Couch!

We welcome you to Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchising. If you love cats as much as we do, we have the purr-fect business idea for you in a completely untapped market…

A Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchise is a premier, world class care facility designed and engineered exclusively for cats. Happy Cat Hotels & Spas are boutiques – a quiet, serene environment – allowing you every opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on cat experience while growing a successful business along the way.

Why Cats? Well, Why Not Cats!

  • 60 million dog families with a total of 89.7 million dogs


  • 47 million cat families with a total of 95.6 million cats
  • 60% of pet owning households at “high-income” level
  • Cat ownership among seniors up 43 percent in last decade

No surprise here that the pet care industry is recession-resistant and brought in $90 billion last year, but it is also predicted to grow beyond $100 billion in 2021. The Happy Cat Hotel flagship location has seen an average of 44 percent growth year over year since inception (2014), supporting an average EBITDA of 32%.

About the business side of things… It’s an opportunity to own your own business, with your own team, in your own community, while gaining access to resources, techniques, training, secrets, systems, skills and licensed rights to a unique concept & quickly developing brand.

About the fun side of things… You’ll play with cats every day while also presiding over the care of those who are old or unwell, build long lasting relationships through enrichment and make kitty parents happy to have found you. You never thought business could be such fun!

You’ll hear the dog care franchises tell you they are the best opportunity for success. But that is in an increasingly crowded market. If you want to duke it out with the big dogs, you’ll need to find the best of the best opportunities in order to succeed. And that’s going to cost you.

Meanwhile, The Happy Cat Hotel (quiet and unassuming – just like a cat…) knows there is a greater opportunity in a far more unique segment of the same, unwavering pet industry…a virtually empty space with no competition. We’re crouched…and ready to pounce! Plus, we’re the World’s Greatest Cat Hotel

Join our pride of cat enthusiasts and learn more about the Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchise opportunity. We’d love to connect with you on social media – find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to see how we continue to Disrupt the Cat-us Quo!