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May 7, 2019

The Meow-mies of CatCon

In our book, MOM is the ultimate VIP (that’s Very Important Purrson, of course!). This Sunday, May 12 is Mother’s Day, so let’s celebrate the moms of some of CatCon’s celebkitties!


Waverly McTinybeans, BenBen, Sir Thomas Trueheart, and The Dark Lord will all be at CatCon June 29th and 30th for Meet & Greets with fans.Do you have your tickets yet?


(Hint: CatCon tix make a GREAT Mother’s Day gift!)


BenBen’s mama Sandy

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To celebrate #internationalwomensday we present Catmom. She is the rock and foundation of the BenBenFamFam. She brings us all, and holds us all together (especially because I’m a rollercoaster of emotions) Catmom is everything from the most gentle and caring soul to don’t f#$& with me I’ll cut you if you hurt my kitties… (She’d probably just laugh if you cut me though :/ yeah she’s weird like that) ALL you women are beautiful and remarkable. You are worthy. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not. Signed – Catdad #benbencatcat #benbenmommom #theworldisbetterbecauseofyou #nocrazyhashtagstoday #justlove #catmom #catmomsofinstagram #cats #catsofinstagram #ifitwerentforwomenwedprobablybestickingthingsinelectricaloutletsandkillingourselves #okaythatescalatedquickly #dadyousaidnocrazyhashtags #ilied #womenarethesuperiorbeings #fact

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The saddest cat on the internet has a very devoted meowmmy named Sandy! The vet technician met BenBen when he was brought into the emergency clinic where she worked and she knew she had to adopt him as her own. It’s a purrfect love story!


Waverly McTinybeans’ mom, Evelyn

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CatCon: Where Waverly Met Many from Team McTinybeans! . It was amazing to meet so many wonderful members of Team McTinybeans! . Waverly was so good! Meeting during nap time seems a pretty good strategy. . I’m loving seeing all of your posts. Keep ‘em coming! . 🍎🍃🍎🍃🍎🍃🍎🍃🍎🍃🍎🍃🍎🍃 . . . #teammctinybeans #pawproject #pawprojectspokescat I#kittenrescuela #catsneedclaws #kittensofinstagram #paralyzedkitty #pettherapy #don’tdeclaw #catlove #kittenlove #thedodo #catsofinstagram #cutekitty #petlove #petlover #ilovekittens #kittencuddleroom #sweetmoment #cute #awwwwww #excellent_kittens #cutepetclub

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Waverly McTinybeans couldn’t have fallen into better hands than Kitten Rescuer Evelyn Jensen. Waverly was paralyzed, emaciated and covered in fleas when they met. Evelyn nursed her back to health AND turned her into a kitty superstar. #MomGoals


Sir Tommy’s mommy, Michele

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Hi everyone this is Michele and today I received the gift of a lifetime. @rausch.inga and @socalconnie teamed up quietly and together they gave me the truest gift of love and friendship. This is my baby girl Persephone (who our sanctuary was named for) she was my first bottle baby and I was gifted her at 3 days old. She travelled all over with me and lived 18 years and passed a year ago. Persephone taught me so much and because of her Milo’s Sanctuary exists. To receive this gift means more to me then I can ever express and from the bottom of my heart I can never truly thank these two amazing beautiful ladies who are my friends and my treasures! #persephonesplace #milossanctuary #milosmiracles #ingarausch #socalconnie #thegiftoflove

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Sir Thomas Trueheart’s cat mama Michele is the President, Founder, and Director of Animal Care for Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue. A real hero to kitties everywhere!


The Dark Lord’s mother, Amanda


The Dark Lord’s mom Amanda affectionately refers to herself as his wench in her Instagram bio. She’s said that her cat is the true boss of the house. Furr some reason, we can relate!


From all of us at Team CatCon to all of you, Happy Meowther’s Day!\


Featured Image Courtesy Instagram/@amandammartinez