June 15, 2021

Hot Cat Dad Summer

Our Kitty Correspondent this week is comedian and cat dad, and new father to baby Scarlett, Rich Williams. Follow @richmwilliams and @chicagoblackcat on Instagram for more kitty hijinks! 

Blow The Doors Off This Father’s Day With Must-Have Cat Dad Duds.

The summer season is sizzling and we’re kicking Covid’s ass to the curb! Time to scorch the earth with the hawtest cat dad fashion available. Because, if they can’t see you’re a cat dad, do you even own a cat?


Denim. Patches. Cat Dad.

Courtesy Etsy/Haruru Stationery

The blazing hawtest in Cat Dad fashion (no shocker here) is coming out of the West Coast USA. Denim vests with personalized patches? They’ve been doing that since before Timberlake’s tips were frosted. Who knows what’s taken the rest of us so long to catch on. Get yourself a rugged pair of Doc Martin’s, some denim jackets, an iron and get patching! Cut the sleeves off, or for the practical cat dad keep them on, it’s all hawt. Your look says  “Sons of Anarchy” but your heart says “Dad of Felines.”

Let ‘Em Know, In T-Shirt Form.

From Milan to Dubuque, the most discerning cat dads won’t be caught dead without sporting the very latest in slogan tees. “But First, Cats!” “Thoughts and Purrs” and “One Rad Cat Dad” are among the season’s hawtest. These punderful, cat-focused tees add a pop of fun to any wardrobe. Looking for a hilarious cat-themed graphic tee for after dark? None glow hawter than Cat Man of West Oakland’s “Ball-less and Flawless” tee! If off the rack is too pre-Covid for you then iron on letters and a little creativity will get you far in this cat dad life.

You Can Finally Leave the House. You’ll Need Shoes.

Courtesy Threadless/CatCon

Any modern cat dad’s ensemble is incomplete without the right cat flair on his feet. I’m not talking overcooked, quirky cat-print socks. Everyone has those, I bet they wear those in unhawt places. You wear cat shoes. Nike and Vans offer customers the ability to design their own shoe in select models. The Nike Air Force 1 allows up to three embroidered letters per shoe, for example. What do you know; “CAT DAD” fits perfectly. Customize a pair of Vans by adding your very own photo of your very own booper for the cutest of couture footwear. OR, surprise a CatCon fan with a pair of iconic cat head slip-ons.

Cat Hats Because The Future Will Be Here Before The End Of This Sentence.

Courtesy Etsy/Stichfy

For you Northern Hemispherians, keep an eye out for the upcoming cat hat season. I know it’s blasphemous to say in June, but October is closer than you think. A wool cap, ball cap, dad hat, fuzzy hat with ear flaps, they all look good (and so do you) with a tiger or house cat embroidered on it. Keep those ears warm while letting your fellow train riders know your cat guardian status! Find a local screen printer and get a custom embroidered design of your own or consult your nearest haberdasher.

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down.

Cat themed pants are nawt hawt this year. Don’t overdo it. Fashionable cat dads know when to push and when to hold back. Unless you’re a rockstar, like sold-out-arena-level rockstar, do not attempt cat pants. A nice pair of jeans will work in most situations. Cat suits are acceptable, but that’s a different article for a different time. 

In case you haven’t caught the Summer 2021 theme, it’s purr-sonalization (I hate me too). The world needs to know you love your cat, but not if you’re dressed like the last cat dad. What is this, the suburbs?!

Happy Pawther’s Day!