Instagrammable Moments from CatCon 2017

There were photo ops galore at CatCon 2017, here are some of our faves.


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When you meet DJ Splurt, Dad of @catstradamus

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When your new Mrs. is a cat fan.

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ABS-olutely fab at the Rachael Ray Nutrish 360 cam.

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You’re a self-described “low key cat lady” but can’t resist the adoption lounge…

Pawtying in the Neon Litter booth.

Your fandom reaches new heights.

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Goofing with your bestie at the Pet Collective GIF booth.

The CatCon hashtag wall, modeled by its creator @badcatpomegranate

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You gotta be kitten me! @kittenxlady meets @kittendorm

Meeting your favorite YouTuber @aaronsanimals

Posing with Biggest Newcome of 2018, @sirthomastrueheart

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Better than the Museum of Ice Cream? @hellnokitty777 in Lil BUB’s booth.

Catching up with @iammoshow and his best buddy, Ravioli in the Meet and Greet Pavilion.

Everyone’s favorite Cat Dads all in one place!

CatCon Awards Video of the Year winner Maverick receiving his award.

When you first fell in love.

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That time you got photobombed by @catmanofwestoakland

Those candid moments…

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Oh HAI @iansomerhalder! Xoxo, @kyylau_ren

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The Caturday meeting of the Kitty Kat Club comes to order.

When you’re #twinning LIKE A BOSS.

FURROCIOUS, we must say.

Hello, Kitty! @julienewmarofficial and @eatdrinkcat mug for the camera.

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When your fandom spans galaxies AND species.

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Getting up close and PURR-sonal to The CatCon Muse.

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Meeting the celebricat who inspired you to help kitties in need, too.

When the party’s happening RIGHT MEOW.

That moment when Ian Somerhalder took the stage.

#squadgoals: 100% MET!

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You got to meet your fave TV stars!

Sharing your win with your One and Only.

Your mom brings home ALL THE TREATS!