November 20, 2017

Let’s Go Global with @aleistervonteese

Aleister Von Teese is a bit of a jetsetter.

Unlike most kitties, Aleister is a big fan of going on the road – he’s traveled all over the world, and a frequent PURRveyor of all things parisien, with his mom, international burlesque star and siren, Dita Von Teese. Aleister himself is a star in his own right – the Devonshire Rex has a cult following of nearly 100,000 dedicated fans on Instagram alone. Between naps and raking up frequent flyer miles, we caught up with Monsieur Von Teese and found out a bit more about his favorite haunts and whom he’d like to meet IRL. (All photos courtesy of Aleister and Dita Von Teese.)

Where do you live?

Aleister Von Teese: I live in Los Angeles, in a 1920s Tudor style house filled with lots of fancy furniture to scratch.

Aleister at home in Los Angeles

How old are you, and where did you come originally come from?

Aleister Von Teese: I am approximately 15 years old, and I come from someplace in the south. When I was a baby I didn’t have much fur, and so my mom nicknamed me ‘The Bat’ because of my grey wrinkly skin and huge ears.

With his meowmy, Dita Von Teese

Your mom, Dita Von Teese,  is quite famous. Do you have a nickname for her by chance?

Aleister Von Teese: I just like to consider her the ‘Goddess of the Tuna Treats.’

What’s your typical day like?

Aleister Von Teese: Sometimes I sleep in ‘til around 8 a.m., but every so often I want to eat earlier, so I try to get attention by scratching on the Art Deco vanity mirror in the bedroom and if that doesn’t work, I might knock something made of glass over.

Who is the one person or animal you’d love to meet and why?

Aleister Von Teese: Atchoum the cat. He looks intelligent. Like me.

Atchoum the Cat. Courtesy of Atchoum’s mom.

What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

Aleister Von Teese: That I am not like most cats; I like to travel, I enjoy rides in the car, I like meeting strangers, I love exploring new places like hotels and I like to get acupuncture at the vet. They also often don’t realize that I am 15 years old.


The Devonshire Rex en route to someplace infinitely glam.

Most cats don’t care to travel – but you do! What’s your favorite locale?

Aleister Von Teese: I like the car ride to the mountains where we have a 1920’s log cabin. I like to lay by the fire and scan the room for mice.

What’s your motto?

Aleister Von Teese: Fewer baths and pawticures, MORE SNACKS!