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July 7, 2018

Let’s Go Global with @monty_happiness!

Next in CatCon’s Lets Go Global! series, we travel to Denmark to meet a special cat named Monty Boy. Monty was born with chromosome abnormalities and was adopted from a shelter when he was three years old. He’s part of a loving family that works hard to show the world that animals and humans who may not look perfect in everyone’s eyes are indeed PAWSOME.

Monty’s Dad Michael joined us at CatCon 2018 for the seminar “Men and Cats: A Love Story”.

Monty took a break from exploring his big, brand new backyard to answer a few questions for us.

CatCon: Where do you live? How old are you, and where did you come originally come from?

Monty Boy: I am seven years old. My mom and dad always says “years young” because I have the personality of a kitten!

I’m not really sure where I came from, but I lived in a home with many cats before the shelter rescued me. My human was a good hearted man who took in kitties that no one wanted. Unfortunately, having so many cats just became too much for the man and an awesome cat shelter helped him. Suddenly I was sitting in a comfy cage with a warm bed and all the food I could eat. I ate a lot the first few months at the shelter, I can tell you that! I was used to fighting for the food with all the cats I was living with, so I put on two pounds in the shelter. It doesn’t sound like much but I am actually a tiny boy and my goal weight is only eight pounds. That’s what I weigh now!

CatCon: How many humans are in your house? Do you have nicknames for them?

There is only me and my mom and dad. I am a spoiled kid – I don’t really like to share my parents. When I lived with all the cats, I struggled to get attention so now I want my parents all to myself.

I call my mom “Mom,” “Mommy,” “master litterbox emptier,’ or if I really need her I call her “human” and then I always get her attention! I say “human” with a very long meow sound like “hooomaaan.”

My dad has many names! “Dad,” “Daddy,” “food provider,” “elevator” – this one might need some explaining. I always call my dad when I want to get on top of something too high. I can get up almost anywhere but I want to get up EVERYWHERE, so my dad lifts me up and brings me down again when I ask. I also call him the “snuggle master” and “hooman hair dresser” because he is SO good at brushing me and it feels wonderful with a little massage from the brush.

CatCon: What’s your typical day like?

We recently moved to a bigger place so now I have a slightly different routine. I call to my dad  very loudly from the kitchen around 5 am and again at 6 am. My dad works from the office in our home and I LOVE THAT! We always spend the day together, playing, eating some food, and then I will have a long nap around noon until my mom gets home. I welcome her with loud music in the form of me singing to her and dancing around her legs. Then I know it’s snuggle time again. She always puts the softest blanket in her lap and sits on the sofa. The blanket is for me to knead on, and I can tell you that I love this time of day. My dad often joins us on the sofa and then I get spoiled with unlimited snuggles from both of them Then one of them makes dinner for them and yummy wet food for me, then it’s playtime with me chasing my dad around the house while my mom is on the computer doing her homework. I have a little night snack and then back into bed where I always sleep on my dad’s legs. My parents  say that they can’t fall asleep without me in the bed.

CatCon: Who is the one person or animal you’d love to meet and why?

Oh wow, that is a hard question, because there are so many and it’s difficult just to name one, but I want to say Hannah Shaw – Kitten Lady! She is an amazing human saving all these furbabies and a wonderful advocate to all cats in the world! I bet she is the best snuggler too.

I also would love to meet Mac (from @littleman_mika). He also looks a bit different like me and I have watched many videos of him playing and he looks so fun! I would love to play chase with him!

CatCon: What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

I actually don’t like tuna or any type of fish at all! But I love love love gingersnap cookies even though I’m not allowed to eat any.

CatCon: We’ve seen some photos of you outside, but we heard you had a big outdoor adventure recently that gave your parents a big scare!

We moved to a new house because my parents wanted to give me a big garden to play in. I LOVE to be outside!  My dad is almost completely done with fencing in the entire backyard so I can safely play outside without a leash or anything.

In our new home we have this very annoying front door– it has to be completely closed otherwise it will blow open with the slightest breeze. We had a visit by an electrician who didn’t completely close the front door when he left.  I got curious and escaped, not to my safe backyard, but out into the neighborhood!

As soon as they realized I had gone, my mom and dad went all around the neighborhood looking for me, and even asked our friends on Facebook to help find me. After what seemed like a long time, my dad found me ten minutes later in front of the neighbor’s house, but I got startled and ran into their garden. My dad walked after me and talked slowly to me because he knew I was very afraid. He sat down and let me sniff his finger and that’s when I let him know I wanted to be picked up. My dad called my mom, who filmed our reunion live to let our friends know I was okay.

Since my adventure  my dad  put an electronic lock on our door and my parents keep a close eye on me whenever I’m in the garden. They also ordered a new awesome GPS collar for me so they can be sure I’m always safe at home.

CatCon: What’s your motto?

I have two! “Looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic!” and “I’m not purrfect, but I’m PAWsome.”

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CatCon will return in 2019! More info coming soon!