August 24, 2018

Let’s Go Global with @buggy_supercat

We had the pleasure of chatting with the fab and frisky @buggy_supercat recently. His big beautiful eyes belie the chromosomal abnormalities he was born with that affected his jaw and his hind legs. Thanks to the TLC of his mummy and a truly Super Vet, Buggy is now living his best life!

CatCon: Where do you live? How old are you, and where did you come originally come from?

Buggy: I live in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland and am 4 years old. Originally, I was rescued by the animal welfare officer from a house in Dundonald when I was only around 8 weeks old. The house was overrun with cats and it seems that my brothers and I were the product of inbreeding (hence my unique looks!). I was taken with my 2 biological brothers to Cats Protection Belfast, who helped nurse us back to health along with the ameowzing vets at Cedar Grove in Belfast. We were very ill and had fleas doing somersaults off us! While I was at Cats Protection, it was discovered that every joint in my hind legs were deformed and my prognosis was dire. The prediction was that I wouldn’t make my first birthday. 🙁

Buggy and his bros

The aul ma (my mummy) fell in love with me while volunteering at Cats Protection – it was truly love at first sight! She took me home so that I could enjoy a few months in a loving home where I could be worshipped and adored. If I wasn’t going to have a long life, she wanted to make sure that it was going to be as amazing as she could possibly make it.

Buggy, his “aul ma” and Super Vet Noel Fitzpatrick

My legs got worse over time, but luckily the aul ma got me referred to Noel Fitzpatrick in England, aka the Supervet on TV! We travelled to visit him at his practice in Surrey, England and I was able to have life-saving surgery on my legs! There was a lot of travelling involved and it was a long recovery, but it was all worth it.

Do you have any roommates, furry or otherwise?

I’m actually 1 of 7 cats – it’s a madhouse! We all live together and like to ensure that there’s never a dull moment. I have 3 schmexy sisfurs – Polly, Penelope and Paige. Polly is the eldest of us at 10 years old, and is a sassy panther. No one messes with her… well, sometimes I get a bit carried away! Penelope is 5 years old and everyone calls her Penny Perfect (she actually is THAT purrfect!). She is black and white and is treat-obsessed – I’ve no idea how she keeps her figure! We aren’t sure what age Paige is, but what we do know is that she is a dark tortoiseshell with plenty of cattitude. The three other males of the household are Casper, Ted and Stuart Little. Casper is a giant ball of white floof – he’s like Baymax from Big Hero 6 or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He’s 6 and is a gentle giant. Ted is a fellow ginger ninja who is also 6. He’s so laid back he is almost horizontal. Finally, Stuart Little is the youngest member of the household. He is 1 year old and has ants in his pants – you’d need to superglue him to the ground to get him to sit still! All of us are rescue cats – 6 from the pawsome Cats Protection Belfast and Penelope was found as a kitten outside a bar in Belfast.

Buggy and Penelope

What’s your typical day like?

I start off by lying in bed with the aul ma and holding her hostage to try and stop her going to that place called work. Once she has wriggled out from under me, it’s breakfast time for me and the rest of the gang and then back to bed for us felines. After a disco nap, it’s then pawty time with the rest of the felines of the household. Luckily, we have yet to have a pawty shut down by the purrlice – that might give the game away. We wait at the window for the aul ma to come home (we are all indoor cats) and then there’s a mad rush to the door when she arrives home – our tummies are rumbling!

After dinner I help the aul ma clean out our litter trays and water bowls – I take my role as Facilities Manager of the household very seriously.

The rest of the evening is for playing in our catio, catching up with my furriends on Instagram, treat-time and chasing the spayed ladies of the household.

Who is the one person or animal you’d love to meet and why?

I want to meet Monty aka @monty_happiness! Like me, he is perfectly imperfect. He also has a nest full of very tasty pigeons living up a tree in his back garden too and I reckon we could tag team them together!


It’s my 3rd birthday tomorrow but, because the aul ma has to go to work, we decided to start the pawty now and give me my purresents early! Check me out letting this Funny Butterfly toy know who’s boss! Ka-Pow!!!!!💥💪 Follow my Pawtners: @cats_corgis_and_cuteness @sirdillardpicklefeather @voland_cat @ninja.sparkles @mini_panther_teddy_ @rikki_lucy_and_friends #cutecatskittens #cat_features #meowsandwoofs #happycatclub #catstocker #meowsandwoofs #gingercatsrule #instacat_meows #gingercatsofinstagram #catstocker #igmeows #fitzpatrickreferrals #catsprotectionbelfast #fantasticfurballs #orijen #magnificent_meowdels #cutecatskittens #ig_purrfect #igkittiez #excellent_kittens #kats_are_crazy #catsofday #meowtagram #bestcats_oftheworld #excellent_cats #furrendsupclose #instacat_meows #cat_features #catsofinstagram #yourcatphoto #fantasticfurballs #cat_gag #cutecatshow

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What’s your favorite toy?

Hmmmm, it’s hard to choose between Da Bird or the laser pointer. I also want to be the first cat to catch the elusive red dot!

What is your favorite film, cat-centric or otherwise?

It’s got to be Cars – I could totes go faster than Lightning McQueen!

What’s your motto?

Life is a gift! Enjoy every single day – have that extra treat, knock back a few tunatinis with your furriends and shake your tush like nopawdy is watching (not that it ever stopped me!).


You can follow the antics of Buggy and friends on Instagram.


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