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February 11, 2019

Let’s Go Global with @duhitsfiona

“King of Pop Culture” Doug the Pug has a feline little sister, @duhitsfiona. We got the scoop on life with her big brother, her fashion style, and her secret crush!
Image credits Instagram/@duhitsfiona

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Hi! My name is Fiona.

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How old are you and where do you live?

I’m one years old and I live in Nashville, Tennessee!

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I don’t think my new brother is a cat…

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You have a super cute big brother. Can you talk a little about your life together?

Ugh, it’s not all about Doug! Just kidding. He’s become my best friend. Sometimes I smack him when he walks around the corner and it’s hilarious.


What’s your typical day like?

I wake up at dawn, look out the window at some birds and squirrels, then go back to sleep. When I wake up again I play with my Mom and give her bunny kicks. Then I scream until I get my food! After that I nap. When I wake up from my nap I run around the house and do parkour. Then I look out the window for a couple of hours until I fall back asleep.


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Who wore it best? 💕

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Going back to your brother, you guys have a lot of cute matching outfits. Which one has been your favorite?

I love my matching robe with Doug! It’s soooo soft.



It’s 2019 already! Do you have any big plans for the year ahead you can share?

I may or may not have something cute coming out at Claire’s! Hehe!


Who are your heroes (both animal and human)?

Well, I have a massive crush on Coby The Cat so….him.


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I’m a queen and so are you 👑

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What is your motto in life?

Never apologize for being sweet AND sassy.


You can hear the latest from Fiona, with an occasional guest appearance by brother Doug on Instagram at @duhitsfiona.


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