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January 26, 2020

Living in Harmony

Who says dogs and cats can’t get along? Just look at sweet Lady and Natalie pictured above (photo courtesy Leslie C./Facebook). 

Oh, right, Venkman’s doomsday scenario in Ghostbusters… 


Well, we have to disagree with Bill Murray– dogs and cats living together can be quite harmonious, and even downright CUTE! Thanks to all our Facebook fans for sharing your interspecies cuddle buddies!


Oh my cuteness! Vanessa G’s doggo is helping out with her foster kittens, looking out for them from the time they arrive.


Alicia H.’s Five and Alfie have got a sweet bromance going on.


Mew complete me (courtesy Cara E.).


Stacey L. says Vinny is a feral cat, but Shasta sure seems to have domesticated him!


Simon and Woof are twinning! (Courtesy Kristen D.)


“Can I tell you a secret?” Buddy James and Adora look like they’re up to something! (Courtesy April B.)


Three’s company with Magic, Tia, and Fred. (Courtesy Kelly T.)


Somebody up there likes them! Debra M.’s rescues are inseparable.


Maybe “harmony” is too strong a word for some feline/canine pairs… let’s say Michelle S.’s dog is tolerant of their nap time companion.


And sometimes you just put up with them for the sake of your hu-mom (Courtesy Rebecca H.).


But we get it, now and then you gotta let your furry sibling know who’s the boss! (Courtesy Kathy W.)


These are just a few of the fab photos shared with us on Facebook. Show us your cat and dog pals, and they might be featured in a future blog!


Share your cats and dogs living in harmony!


The health and safety of our human and kitty friends is CatCon’s #1 priority. Given the current guidance from state and city government around COVID-19, and for the safety of our attendees, staff, and talent, unfortunately we have no choice but to reimagine CatCon 2020, which was scheduled August 29th and 30th.  We are exploring ways to bring some of the one-of-a-kind experiences, programming, and products you’ve come to expect from CatCon in a new and innovative way. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come.


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