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May 3, 2019

May the Furrth Be With you!

This year marks CatCon’s fifth Anni-furr-sary AND it’s May the 4th AKA Star Wars Day! Let’s celebrate by watching our 5 favorite cats Star Wars mashup videos.


5. Jedi Kittens Strike Back

In this short but sweet video, kittens fly in an X-Wing and Tie Fighter, plus they duel it out with lightsabers, just like the movie!


4. Cat Sings Star Wars Theme Song

A Youtube channel called the World Wide Interweb brings us this mind-blowing mewsterpiece.


3. The Empire Scratches Back

This one shows a recreation of purrhaps the most iconic scene of the franchise.


2. Kittens Play With BB-8 Toy From Star Wars

Vanity Fair clearly had a stroke of genius when they decided to pair up kittens with the BB-8 Toy.


1. Chewbacca Plays with Kittens

If you ever wondered if Chewie loved kitties, now we have proof. He did!

This post is dedicated to the original Chewbacca Peter Mayhew.

Featured gif courtesy Giphy.