October 7, 2020

Meet teh Kittehs of Caturday bai Cubbie

Our wonderful Premium Exhibitor Caturday bai Cubbie invites you to meet their spokesMEOWdels. Check out their website for gifts for all the cat lovers in your life!


9-year-old Cubbie is the Co-founder of Caturday bai Cubbie, along with his human Steve who rescued him when he was just a kitten. Cubbie’s named after the former bassist of the band Foster The People, and he’s quite the bassist himself when he purrs. His name is also inspired by the fact that as a kitten he ran around like a little bear cub and liked to hide in cubby holes.

He loves piggyback rides (aka Teh Piggyback Express—mew mew!) and giving “hai-fives”. He’s also great at giving his human hugs and kisses. His bestest buddy is a plush bunny known as Foster Teh Bunny, who’s been with him since he was a kitten.
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Papa is a feral kitteh that used to visit nearly every night and early morning. He’s the Papa of Palom, Porom, Purrom, Puck, and Vivi (and likely a lot more feral kittehs).
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2-year-olds Palom and Porom are named after twin mages from Final Fantasy IV and when it was discovered they had a sister, to stick with the naming convention, her name was derived from theirs—Purrom. They started visiting as feral kittens after Papa told them about all the yummy food he’d get from the House of Cubbie, and soon they were taken in as part of our family.

Palom loves ballies and wrestling with his siblings, and while waiting for his food being prepared, he taps or gently nibbles his human’s leg to tell him to hurry up please. He loves hunting flies and competes with his siblings for the delicacy.
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Porom loves food and nom noms and toys, and instantly took a liking to Cubbie, who didn’t like him or his siblings back for a long time. Persistent, Porom eventually persuaded Cubbie to become buddies with him. (Originally thought to be a girl like the character he’s named after, by the time it was confirmed he was actually a boy, the name had already stuck.)
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is a sweet gamer girl and prefers the digital life. She plays with some toys but prefers playing video games and watching videos on the phone, tablet, and TV—she’s actually quite addicted to them. When she was still a feral kitten and scared of being indoors, she hid in a cubby hole on top of a Super NES and Dreamcast, so it would seem she’s always been attracted to video games.
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1-year-olds Puck and Vivi are the younger siblings of Palom, Porom, and Purrom, and their story is similar to their older siblings’. A year ago they also started visiting for food and shelter just like their Papa and soon joined the Cubbie household permanently. Sticking with their siblings’ naming convention, they’re named after a prince and black mage who become buddies in Final Fantasy IX.

Puck bears a striking resemblance to his Papa more than any of the siblings, and while he’s still a bit shy, he loves playing with toys—and stashing them under the couch. He’s also becoming quite the ping pong master.
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Vivi is a sweet little guy and went from feral to not feral within days. He shares a love for food and nom noms and while waiting for his food, he’ll run around the kitchen island over and over until his bowl is placed on the floor.
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