January 22, 2021

Our Favorite Film and TV Cats

If you’re like us, you’ve probably burned through just about everything Netflix has to offer during this time of theater shutdowns and social distancing. We’ve put together a list of family-friendly streaming feline films and TV shows that the whole fam can enjoy this winter. So grab a blanket and Mr. Fluffernutter and dig in!

Image above courtesy Instagram/@queenbirdiebee


Jake, The Cat from Outerspace

Where to watch: Disney+

The Granddaddy of fantastical cat movies! When an alien cat crash lands on earth, he must team up with two scientists to evade the military to try to reunite with the Mothership. 


Cool Cat, “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

Where to watch: Netflix

Along with Dirty Dog and Chicky Baby, Cool Cat is part of the Playhouse’s Puppet Band. A true beatnik, Cool Cat usually communicates in rhyme. 


Salem, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Where to watch: Hulu

Sabrina’s cat Salem is a snarky warlock doing penance as a black cat who drops catty one-liners like “As long as you drop everything and stay focused on me, I should be fine.”


Binx, Hocus Pocus

Where to watch: Disney+

Like Salem, Binx has been cursed into a cat’s body. Binx is crucial to the plot, as he is the one who holds the key to defeating the Sanderson sisters, three witches who were accidentally summoned by teenaged Max. 


Miss Kitty Fantastico, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Where to watch: Hulu

Miss Kitty Fantastico is Tara and Willow’s adorable kitten. Smitten Willow says, “I keep thinking: ‘Okay, that’s the cutest thing ever,’ and then she does something cuter and completely resets the whole scale.”


Catbus, My Neighbor Totoro

Where to watch: HBO Max

Catbus is a large, grinning, twelve legged cat who doubles as a bus, complete with windows and seats coated with fur, and a large, bushy tail. He transports Totoro, Satsuki, and Mei to any destination they wish. 


Lord Tubbington, “Glee” 

Where to watch: Netflix

Cheerleader Brittany’s feline bestie is Lord Tubbington, her “Fondue for Two” co-host and #chonky boy who she accuses of reading her diary without permission. 


Furguson, “New GIrl” 

Where to watch: Netflix

Furguson Michael Jordan Bishop joined the gang in season 3, and Winston was immediately obsessed with his “son”. Furguson had a very brief stint as an animal actor, but Winston pulled him out due to the cutthroat nature of the biz. 


Spot, “Star Trek the Next Generation”

Where to watch: Netflix

Android Starfleet officer Data first got Spot in Season 4, “Data’s Day”. Spot makes many memorable appearances, especially as the subject of Data’s poetry endeavors. 


Grudge, “Star Trek Discovery”

Where to watch: CBS All Access

Following in Spot’s intergalactic footsteps, Grudge is the feline companion of Cleveland “Book” Booker on “Star Trek Discovery”. Booker explained that she got her name “because she’s heavy, and all mine.”


Goose, Captain Marvel

Where to watch: Disney+

The cute kitty who charms tough guy Nick Fury is NOT what he seems! 


Toonces, “Saturday Night Live” 

Where to watch: NBC.com

Letting your cat drive the car- what could go wrong? Famous last words: “See, I told you he could drive! Just not very well!”