June 12, 2018

Real Men Love Cats

Happy Father’s Day, cat daddies! We’re celebrating all the big-hearted fellas out there who know it’s cool to be a cat guy. In honor of the occasion, we’re highlighting some of our favorite cat dads who will be joining us at CatCon.


Mike Bridavsky, aka Lil BUB’s Dude, always brings the awwws with his stories of the magic of BUB. We’re excited to welcome them back for the fourth year for Meet & Greets, and heartwarming tales in “Men and Cats, a Love Story”.

Photo credit: Andrew Marttila/CatCon


Moshow the Cat Rapper brought the house down with his appearances at CatCon last year, spreading the word about cat adoption and cat love. He’ll be returning as a judge and purr-former for Furr-ocious Fashion Face Off, as well as participating in “Men and Cats, A Love Story” and Meet & Greets with his sidekick DJ Ravioli!

Photo credit: Andrew Marttila/CatCon


Actor Ian Somerhalder does good for cats and creatures of all kinds through his Ian Somerhalder Foundation. This year he’s joining us for Meet & Greets with fans SUNDAY ONLY.  Don’t forget, a portion of proceeds from all CatCon tickets goes to benefit ISF.

Photo courtesy Glass Jar Photography/The Ian Somerhalder Foundation


Since adopting special needs brothers Oskar and Klaus, Mick Szydlowski has used his platform to advocate for pets and kids with special needs. He’ll be joining best selling author Gwen Cooper for the seminar “Cats Are People Too: Beyond the Memes and Media Hype”.


Image courtesy Mick Szydlowski


Rob Reger, the “Emily the Strange” artist whose designs have graced CatCon tees and totes the past few years, will be teaching us to how to create a “Purr-sonality” in his workshop where you can learn how to create simple kitty expressions via eyes, poses, tails, whiskers!

Sterling Davis, “The Trap King”, has made spreading the word about the safe and humane solutions to feral cat populations his mission. He’s presenting “From Rapping to Trapping” about his experiences with TNR, and will also be doing Meet & Greets at CatCon for the first time.

Photo courtesy Sterling Davis


Mac Delaney is another CatCon newcomer. An aerospace engineer, he saw a way to better the life of our pets with DIY projects that address a cat’s unique needs. He will be presenting the hands-on workshop “Engineering for Cats”, with a book signing afterwards.

Photo courtesy Mac Delaney


We also want to give a shoutout to all the cat guys who impact the lives of shelter cats by supporting our mission of “Adopt Don’t Shop”. All are welcome to visit our Adoption Village August 4th and 5th at CatCon. Don’t blame us if you fall in love!

CatCon will return in 2019. More info coming soon!