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June 24, 2019

Top 5 Internet Cats

For CatCon’s FIFTH Anni-FUR-sary (June 29th & 30th– CLICK HERE to buy your tix!), we’re making lists of fives!

This week we’re counting down our Top 5 Internet Cats. (As devotees of all things cat on the internet, of COURSE we’d love to make this list much, MUCH longer, but we’re trying to stick to a theme here…)


5. Pajamas, the First YouTube cat

Image courtesy YouTube

In the early days of YouTube, co-founder Steve Chen uploaded a video of his cat Pajamas “dancing” to a Nick Cave song — the first YouTube cat video! This was way back in 2005, so we’ll forgive Steve for the lack of production values and instead praise his prescient choice of a feline subject. The guy’s a multi-millionaire who helped create an essential part of our internet experience; he must know what works!


4. Nyan Cat


Where were you the first time you discovered the TEN HOUR version of the pink-cheeked, PopTart-wearing flying cat who leaves a rainbow trail in her wake? Will we ever get those ten hours back again? No. Do we have any regrets? Also no.


For a meme that debuted 8 years ago, Nyan Cat is still popular with Kitty Cosplayers at CatCon. Wonder how many we’ll see at CatCon this weekend?

Image courtesy CatCon

3. Maru

Image courtesy YouTube

The cat who launched a thousand memes! You’ve heard the term “If I fits, I sits”? Well, Maru showed that ANY box could be the perfect fit, if you just have the right CATTITUDE.

In March 2017, Maru was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most viewed animal on YouTube.


2. Simon’s Cat

Image Courtesy

It all started with the video “Cat Man Do” over a decade ago.

Hundreds of MILLIONS of views, 9 books, and 3 mobile apps later, Simon’s Cat remains one of the most beloved feline film stars ever.


1. Nala Cat

Image courtesy Nala Cat

7 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can’t be wrong! With her big blue eyes and expressive face, Nala is insanely photogenic, so it’s no surprise that her photos, with captions in Nala’s own “voice” (one of, if not THE, first cats to do that), went viral FAST, paving the way for a whole new generation of internet celebricats.

Nala’s got a special announcement for CatConners: