December 21, 2020

Top Cat Headlines of 2020

True, 2020 presented us with a LOT of un-PURR-escedented news and events. Through it all, our beloved felines provided us with some much-welcome diversion and cheer. In fact, a rare bright spot was the record number of shelter animals adopted as people sought comfort and companionship during lockdown. Here are some of our fave cat stories this year:

(Image above courtesy

Courtesy Kesha

  1. CatCon From Your Couch debuts with over 60 talent, including Nala Cat, My Boy Belarus, Youngest Old Cat Lady, and Kesha leading the way at the ad CatCon Awards as a presenter
  2. A cat will be joining the Biden family in the White House next year
Courtesy Instagram/Sterling Davis

3. Our friend Sterling “TrapKing” Davis brought “cool points” to TNR and all things cats on The Today Show!

Courtesy Smithsonian Magazine

4. Author (and CatCon Alum) Dr. Paul Koudounaris released a must-read new book, the bestselling A Cat’s Tale: A Journey Through Feline History told from the point of view of his cat, Baba

Courtesy CatCon

5. CatCon From Your Couch alums The Australian Firefighters marked their 28th year of their best-selling calendars!

Courtesy ClassicFM

6. Good news everyone! Cat piano videos are good for your health

Courtesy Science

7. Copy Cat! This kitty made headlines mimicking humans

8. Your orange cat IS special, according to SCIENCE! 

Courtesy Twitter/@Grudge_Cat

9. A new cat beamed into the Star Trek Universe 

10. CatCon creator Susan Michals talked CatCon From Your Couch and the overlooked cat community on The Mind-Jam Podcast 

Courtesy Instagram/@saki.ibuki.hazuki

11. We fell in love with Kiki, the cat who thinks she’s a shiba inu

Courtesy People

12. The story of Cutie-Pie’s reunion with her Dad gave us ALL the feels!

Courtesy People/SWNS

13. “Chaotic Gentleman“! This cat plays a tiny piano when he wants food!

Courtesy Tumblr/CatsinSinks

14. Mental Floss solved the mystery of why cats sleep in sinks

15. CatCon creator Susan Michals debuted the “Let’s Get Fur-Real” podcast

Courtesy Bored Panda

16. We took a virtual trip to see the cat ladders of Switzerland

Courtesy The Daily Mail

17. Jennifer Garner added a fabulous feline aspect to her daily strolls 

Courtesy The Wrap/Universal

18. Cats the Movie was released on streaming video, and it didn’t get any less weird

Courtesy TechCrunch

19. MarsCat, the first fully autonomous robot cat had its debut

Courtesy NY Post

20. This kitten was found GUILTY… of being ridiculously cute


Team CatCon wishes you and your cat the very happiest of holidays, and we look forward to keeping in touch with you next year!