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June 17, 2019

Let’s Go Global with Waverly McTinybeans

Waverly McTinybeans is a kitty warrior! She was paralyzed as a kitten, but with a lot of hard work and support from her meow-my and her friends at Kitten Rescue L.A., she is now cruising around on her own and doing great! We’re so excited to welcome her back to CatCon this month!

CatCon: Where do you live? Where did you come originally come from?

We just moved to a HOUSE in North Hollywood!  I absolutely love it.  It’s got two great Kitty TV channels called, “Front Door,” and “Sliding Door.”  I get to watch squirrels in the back and crows in the front.  So awesome.  Before that, I lived in a terrific area of Los Angeles called Los Feliz. It was the only home I ever knew and my earliest memories are of being snug and warm on Mom’s lap while she whacked away day in and day out on her lap typey thing. Mom says I actually came from the big, bad streets. I was pretty sick, though, and don’t remember much about that. I was so lucky! Rover the Doberman found me in some brush by the side of the street and gave me to Mom. See, super lucky, huh? 

Do you have any roommates, furry or otherwise?

Sigh! I have lots of roommates and, other than Mom, they’re all furry. They’re all rescues like me and all came in looking pretty banged up, but now they’re thriving.  Most of ’em are cool.  The only ones that aren’t are the littler ones. They’re pests.  The newest family member, Jason Meowmoa, is the biggest pest of all.  He was sick for a long time (I was really scared, but don’t tell him that) and now it’s like he’s making up for lost time.  He’s crazy!  He jumps all over everything!  Even when I’m tucked into my favorite Kitty Kubby that Mom made for ME he tries to jump on me. He has no respect for my clearly stated visiting hours of “not right now,” and “later.”  Mom says he’ll grow out of it, but I’m not buying it.










What’s your typical day like?

Each day begins wit me staring intently up at Mom until she finally wakes up and boosts me up onto the bed already. (I start each night on the bed, but I have shenanigans to get up to while Mom sleeps.) Morning bed time is divided among snuggling, chomping on bed mice, and jumping in and out of my Sleepypod just ’cause I can. When I remember that I’m hungry, I launch myself off the bed and head for the kitchen. Mom scoops me up at this point and helps me go potty; naturally, I express my displeasure at this indignity, but she’s relentless. After that, I eat breakfast with all of the other furry critters in the house. 


After breakfast, Jason Meowmoa, Mary and I get busy dragging as many toys as possible out of the toy box and scattering them around the living room. When the house is cluttered to our satisfaction, our work is done. I generally scootch over to Mom at this point and give her my patent-pending “up please” look until she notices me and boosts me up onto the couch for a many hours nap.

The rest of the day is mostly napping, snacking, and more playing. Except when we do “exercises.” Mom makes me sit, then stand, then sit, then stand over and over. It’s really weird and boring, but since I get treats, I don’t complain too much. 



I go to bed when Mom goes to bed, but once she’s asleep, I’m outta there. There’s much mischief to make!

Who is the one person or animal you’d love to meet and why?

Well, Nala is one of my favorite friends — I met her when I was really tiny and her moms said I looked like Nala as a kitten, isn’t that awesome?  So flattering!  I’m excited to get to see her again.  I’d also really like to meet Sir Thomas Trueheart.  He’s so brave!  He’s got an even tougher origin story than I do and he’s just super cool about everything.  I hear he’s bringing his friend, Daisy, to CatCon this year.  I think we could all be great pals. 



What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

I hardly ever meow. I know I’m Siamese and we have the reputation of being chatty, but unless I’m really intent on expressing my displeasure — like when they put me on the underwater treadmill or Mom squishes me to make me go potty — I don’t see the need to talk. Why talk, when you can say so much with a look?









What’s your favorite toy?

Without question the Tower of Tracks. It’s a 3 tiered ball track toy that I love. Unfortunately, the kittens always love it, too, so we compete sometimes. Mom got a second one so we wouldn’t fight so much. 

What is your favorite film, cat-centric or otherwise?

Wonder Woman! Mom calls me Wonder Waverly and even sings the theme song to me. It’s dorky, but I kinda like it.




T Minus Eight ‘til Bday! . Waverly’s Home Water Therapy seems to be a clear throwback favorite. . I wish my tub were big enough to keep this up because it’s so good for her. . Pretty sure Beans would not agree! . 💙🐬💙🐬💙🐬💙🐬💙🐬💙🐬💙🐬 . . . #teammctinybeans #pawproject #pawprojectspokescat I#kittenrescuela #catsneedclaws #kittensofinstagram #paralyzedkitty #pettherapy #don’tdeclaw #catlove #kittenlove #thedodo #catsofinstagram #cutekitty #petlove #petlover #ilovekittens #kittencuddleroom #sweetmoment #cute #awwwwww #excellent_kittens #cutepetclub

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What are you looking forward to at CatCon 2019? 
Everything!  I had so much fun last year meeting so many members of Team McTinybeans.  Everybody was so nice!  Even when I didn’t do so great looking into people’s cameras they were cool.  I think it’s fair to say that I have the coolest team members of all time. I’m also pretty excited for Mom to go look at all the stuff out on the convention floor.  I know the odds are pretty good that she’s going to find something I absolutely have to have. Probably something pink. Mom’s good that way. 


What’s your motto?

Where there’s a will, there’s a Waverly!

This article was updated from its original June 2018 publication. Waverly will be joining us for Meet & Greets Sunday, June 30th!