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August 29, 2018

Insta-worthy Moments from CatCon 2018

Even though there’s only one CatCon, there are hundreds of ways to experience it! We took to Instagram to see your most Insta-worthy moments from CatCon 2018. You know you’re a True CatConner when…

You and your BFF really know how to celebrate Caturday (Swipe for more!)

Your Flat Cat is bigger than your head!

A post shared by misshappypink (@misshappypink) on

You find your Happy Place with BUB (and vice versa)

A post shared by Julia Butters (@julia_butters) on

You and your bestie find the PURRfect cat ears

A post shared by Somali Rose (@goldensistar) on

Your selfie game is strong. #checkmeowt (Swipe for more!)

A post shared by Tina Cheong (@x3tina) on

You’re passing your Cat Love on to the next gen!

You score a Rob Reger original artwork

A post shared by Saint Felina (@saintfelina) on

You’re always willing to lend a paw to a pal

A post shared by Susan Kuester (@mittensohmy) on

You’re not just a cat person, but you’re a cat person!

A post shared by Maple (@momiji.matcha) on

You are seriously considering a home makeover with this wallpaper

A post shared by Lissy Goeppner (@liesi_g) on

You’re a proud member of Sir Tommy’s posse

You’re not shy about showing your kitties!

A post shared by bungalow360 (@bungalow360) on

You know all the words to Moshow’s “Adopt a Cat”!

You can’t wait to meet your favorite “fluffy ball of doom”

A post shared by Erica 🦄 (@edlc88) on

Your book Engineering for Cats sells out!

You are one of the 180 Kitten Heroes who volunteered to foster!

A post shared by Gabriela (@ilovemylife2287) on

You’ve got BIG love for Lil BUB

The Trap King gave you ALL the feels (Swipe for more!)

A post shared by Java Cats (@javacatscafe) on

You win everyone’s heart with your Furrocious costume (Swipe for more!)

You swap stories of the celebricat life with the one and only Morris the 9 Lives Cat

You don’t let a minor surgical procedure stop you from making new friends…

You show the cast of the upcoming Cats movie how it’s done!

You know the only way to top getting engaged at CatCon is getting married at CatCon…

With Lil BUB as your BUB-bridesmaid!

You help your foster kitties find their fur-ever homes! (Swipe for more!)

You take a selfie with two-time CatCon alum Ian Somerhalder

You can’t wait to relive it all on your fave PAWdcast! (Swipe for more!)

You’re ready to do it all again (and then some) next year!


CatCon will take place Saturday, June 29th – Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at the Pasadena Convention Center, in Pasadena, CA