Everything you wanted to know about CatCon, answered!

When and where is CatCon?

Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th, 2018
The Pasadena Convention Center
300 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA

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Will there be cats at CatCon?

Yes! Our adoption lounge partner and lineup of celebricats participating in Meet & Greets will be announced in early 2018.

Who is appearing at CatCon?

A bunch of cool, creative cat people! Our talent roster for our seminars, workshops and Meet & Greets will be announced soon.

I’m interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor. How do I get more information?

That’s great! Please reach out to [email protected]

Exhibitors, read our Exhibitor FAQ to get the scoop!

Can I bring my cat?

Feline family members will not be allowed into this event. We believe this is the best option for the safety of our beloved pets. And that most cats would probably want to stay at home rather than go to a very crowded, foreign venue anyway. For the safety of our guests as well as your pets, anyone who arrives at the convention with a cat will be turned away at the door. If you adopt a cat at CatCon, our adoption partner will keep it for you until you’re ready to leave the event.

Will CatCon benefit any animal welfare groups?

Yes! Our charity beneficiary will be announced soon.

How do I get to the Pasadena Convention Center?

Is the Pasadena Convention Center wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the facility is ADA compliant, wheelchair and scooter accessible. PLEASE NOTE: Wheelchair and scooter rentals are not available on site. If you need to rent a wheelchair or scooter from a local source, click here for Yelp listings in and near Pasadena. You’ll find more information at the facility website: