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Answers to all your frequently asked CatCon questions, updated regularly.

When and where is CatCon?

CatCon 2019 took place June 29th and 30th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA.

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I’m interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor in 2020. How do I get more information?

That’s great! Please reach out to for more information.

Exhibitors, our committee is looking for stylish, chic, and unique offerings for cats and their people – companies and creators that embody the spirit and aesthetics of CatCon! We’re always on the hunt for great new cat products (accessories, furniture, toys, and more) and cat-centric products for people that are high-quality, stylishly smart, and created with care.

Check out our Gallery and YouTube Channel for pictures and videos of past CatCon exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, and activations, and don’t miss these terrific recaps from The Pet Collective and The Ellen Show.

What do I get with my CatCon ticket?

Entrance into CatCon, access to PURRADISE CITY, the Adoption Village, every single seminar, all workshops, all interactive experiences put on by  our amazing sponsors, and access to 200 curated exhibitors from all over the world! PLUS – giveaways galore, contests, and more! Click here for the full schedule.

Meet and Greets are not included in the price of general admission because a portion of all proceeds from these opportunities go to various animal charities.

Will there be cats at CatCon?

Yes! The 2019 CatCon Adoption Village had adoptable kittens and cats of all ages!

We also had some of your favorite celebricats doing Meet & Greets, alongside some adorable newcomers. Click here to see our full 2019 talent lineup.


Can I bring my cat?

Feline family members will not be allowed into this event. We believe this is the best option for the safety of our beloved pets, and that most cats would prefer to stay at home rather than go to a very crowded, foreign venue anyway. For the safety of our guests as well as your pets, anyone who arrives at the convention with a cat will be turned away at the door. If you adopt a cat at CatCon, our adoption partner will keep it for you until you’re ready to leave the event.

Who is appearing at CatCon?

A bunch of cool, creative cat people, including comedian Angela Kinsey (“The Office”), Dr. Marty Becker (“America’s Veterinarian”), Cats of Instagram, Aaron Benitez, Prince Michael and Phil of Aaron’s Animals, and lots more! Click here to see our full talent roster for our seminars, workshops, and Meet & Greets.  (General Admission is NOT included with your Meet & Greet ticket. You must have a General Admission ticket in order to redeem your Meet & Greet.) 

What Meet & Greets are available this year?

Our lineup of Meet & Greets in 2019 includes:

50% of all Meet & Greets goes to cat welfare charities.

PLEASE NOTE: Meet & Greets do NOT include admission to CatCon. You must purchase a ticket for CatCon in order to redeem your Meet & Greet tickets.

Can I accompany my child to their Meet & Greet, or do I have to have my own ticket?

We understand that parents will want to stand in line with their children under 13 as they wait for their Meet & Greet. A parent may accompany their child without purchasing a ticket, as long as their child has a valid Meet & Greet ticket. Due to space and time limitations, we cannot accommodate adults who want to bring a friend to their Meet & Greet– all adults attending Meet & Greets must have their own ticket.