December 16, 2022

Paw-liday Helpers

CatConners’ kitties are SO excited for the holidays they just have to lend a helping paw while their humans decorate!

First up, the wreath. PURR-fect for curling up and getting cozy.

Courtesy Donna/FB
Courtesy Bonnie/FB

Next comes the Christmas tree.

Some cats really IMMERSE themselves in the decorating process…

Courtesy Facebook/Ali
Courtesy Facebook/Paula
Courtesy Facebook/Christine

The lights are PAW-sitively mesmerizing!

Courtesy Facebook/Christina
Courtesy Facebook/Christa
Courtesy Facebook/Christina

@warriormochi seems a little put out that their hoomans had the AUDACITY to put a fence around the tree to protect it from curious paws.

Knowing Santa is watching, some cats are on their very best behavior, even playing nice with their siblings!

Courtesy Facebook/Kaycie

When it’s time to wrap the gifts, kitties are eager to lend a paw.

The cat hair just makes the gift much more festive, don’t you think?

Courtesy Facebook/Tiffany
Courtesy Facebook/Stacey
Courtesy Facebook/Marisa

Oh come let us adore ME!

Courtesy Facebook/Johnny

Don we now our CAT apparel!

Make a joyful noise!

Courtesy Facebook/Dana

From all of us at Team CatCon to all of you, have a wonderful holiday season.

And to all a GOOD NIGHT!

Courtesy Facebook/Konni