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November 8, 2019

Sir Thomas Trueheart – A Tribute

We were so sad to hear about the passing of our friend, the legendary Sir Thomas Trueheart, last week. Tommy, as he was known to his nearest and dearest, rose above the injuries he suffered at the hands of some cruel humans to become a strong, kind-hearted advocate for those who have no voice. With Tommy’s Cruelty-free Thursday, he spoke out against bullying and offered support to special needs pets. He served as an inspiration to all.


Tommy is shown above with his Biggest Newcomer Award from the 2017 CatCon Awards.


Mick Szydlowski, dad of Klaus and Juno, said, “As Sir Thomas Trueheart, or Tommy as we knew him, passed from this world into the next, he also passed into the realm of feline legend.  Having survived harrowing cruelty at the hands of a vile human — perhaps several — he could have easily maintained an understandable wariness and fear of people.  Tommy, however, chose to show his rescuers and fans confidence, trust, and affection.  He is forever a symbol that love does indeed win in the end, and his legacy reminds us that we must eradicate animal cruelty if we are to call ourselves the noble species.”


We’re particularly heartbroken to hear from Tommy’s lady love, Daisy. But as sad as this time is, Daisy reassures us that Tommy’s message will carry on through her, through their friend Wizard, and through the good folks at Milo’s Sanctuary:

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Hello, It’s me Daisy and I have offered to speak for all the humans and cats at Milo’s Sanctuary. We want to thank you all for your beautiful posts, texts, emails, art and love during this incredibly difficult time. Tommy was special to the world, but to me he was the love of my life and I miss him so very much. Words cannot express my sorrow at losing the love I never thought I would find. Tommy inspired so many with his message of love, kindness, hope and courage and it is through reading your messages that all of us here are finding the strength to continue even through this pain. I knew Tommy better than anyone and I know he would want us to be brave and continue his love and lessons of compassion and kindness. My love was the voice of the lost and forgotten and he made a difference. I have spoken to Wizard and the humans at Milo’s Sanctuary and we all think the best way to honor Tommy is to continue his page and spread his message to the world. We only hope we do him justice. So please bare with us while we regroup and mourn the loss of the most special soul to have ever graced this planet. Love, Daisy #tommyslegacy #sirthomastrueheart #milossanctuary #milosmiracles15years #tommylovesdaisy #persephonesplace #wizardthemagicalcat

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These are just a few of the tributes that came pouring in for Tommy, which show just how special he was, and what an impact he made in a short time.

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There are just no words. No words today that will do @sirthomastrueheart justice. The world lost more than just a kitty, more than a picture on the internet. More than a name. Tommy was a kitty that lifted you up, made you feel good inside, a reminder of all that is right and good in the world. He reminded us that forgiveness and kindness, empathy and compassion are what we should all strive to show. And he never failed to show Love and courage! . We can all let a little bit of Tommy show through us all. . Tommy, you will be a light that shines through us, you will be missed and we will keep your spirit alive through all we do. . @milos_sanctuary and @socalconnie our love, strength and courage goes with you today and always! . . #sirthomastrueheart #milossanctuary #alwaysinourhearts

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Tommy continues to inspire in these fan art tributes:

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The world won’t be the same from now. I just read the heartbreaking news about @sirthomastrueheart passing. Tommy meant and still means the world to me. There isn’t enough space here that could summarise how important his story is. How he was extremely abused and mutilated and still went through an incredible recovery and showed what a huge and humble heart he has. There aren’t enough words to thank @milos_sanctuary and Michele for his redemption. Michele, I’m so sorry. @socalconnie I don’t have to tell you how much appreciate what you do. Everyone else, please, please go and follow @milos_sanctuary and the absolutely unbelievable things they die for rescue animals. Tommy, you will be missed and you wont be forgotten, ever. Take care and rest well now, buddy. 💙 Here’s a picture of Thomas I drew a while ago and an actual photo of is incredibly handsome face. • • #adoptdontshop #adopted #adopt #special #specialneeds #milossanctuary #sanctuary #sirthomastrueheart #family #illustration #rescue #rescuedcat #rescuecat #pet #pets #cat #cats #catportrait

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A Poem for Tommy: @sirthomastrueheart 🙏💔❤️ When the dust settles we shall think of you there, crossing that bridge without a care, When the dust settles we shall know you are free, Living a life that is truely happy, When the dust settles, We shall know your pain free dancing around in the meadow happily, When the dust settles, The thoughts they shall be of you sweet gentle Tommy the best fur friend there could be 🙏🙏💔💔❤️❤️🐈🐈 💕💕💕💕🖌🖌🎨🎨🌎🌎💙💙 . . . . . . . . . . . #catportrait #acrylicpainting #bekindtoanimals #specialcat #furryfriend #catsofinstagram #poems #specialneedscat #sketching #fanart #creativeentrepeneur #myart #art_collective #art_empire #artgalleries #instaart #artist #arts #artoftheday #catlovers #adoptdontshop #rainbowbridge #handpainted #artshare #sketchoftheday #artfeature #illustration #cats #beautifulcat #catloversunite

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Learn more about Milo’s Sanctuary, the place that Tommy called home, and how to help other cats like him at .

Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded on the belief that all cats deserve a second chance at life, especially those that have physical disabilities, are seniors, have a terminal illness, or have been abused and need someone to care for, love, and understand them.