Things You Can Buy To Spoil Your Cat

If you’re reading this, congratulations! Your cat has you trained well. You see an article on how to spoil your cat and you click it. Chances are, your cat is already spoiled. But what if you’re looking to take it to the next level? You want your cat to feel like straight up ROYALTY? We’ve got some ideas for you. Read on to see all the things you can buy to spoil your cat in ways they never even thought pawsible!


Cat Cave Bed

Image via AgnesFelt


Etsy shop AgnesFelt sells these adorable Cat Cave Beds. They’re handmade felted, cute, and unbelievably cozy.



Anything From Catastrophic Creations 

Image via Catastrophic Creations


Catastrophic Creations makes and sells all kinds of custom climbing systems, shelves, bridges, and complexes for cats. Our purrsonal favorite item is the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge pictured below!

Image via Catastrophic Creations


Modkat Litter Box

Image via Modkat


The award winning Modkat Litter Box gets rave reviews from buyers. It allows your cat to poop in privacy, reduces litter tracking and odors, and — best of all — it’s dog proof!


Copycat Art Scratchers

Image via Erik Stehmann


If your feline is an art connoisseur, consider a Copycat Art Scratcher by Erik Stehmann design studio. The scratching post comes in Mona Lisa or Girl With A Pearl Earring. Fancy!


A Subscription to CatLadyBox

Image via CatLadyBox


What does a monthly subscription to CatLadyBox get you? It ensures your cat (and you!) gets spoiled on the regular with a box full of treats, toys, apparel and accessories!


Landmark Cardboard Cat Playhouses

Image via Poopy Cat


For cultured kitties, there’s Landmark Cardboard Cat Playhouses by Poopy Cat! Choose from all kinds of elegant designs, like Taj Mahal, White House, Sphinx, Mayan Temple, Eiffel Tower, and more!


A Cat Tree House (Like, with a REAL tree)

Image via Pet Tree Houses


Now you can bring the great outdoors to your indoor cat. These Pet Tree Houses are fashioned from real tree branches. That’s right — it’s a literal cat tree.


The World’s Most Expensive Cat Food

Image via Green Pantry


Green Pantry sells British Banquet for £250 a bag (~$320USD), making it the world’s most expensive cat food. What’s with the high price tag? Well, according to the product site, ingredients include: Arenkha caviar, Line-caught Scottish Salmon, hand-caught Norfolk lobster, locally-sourced Devon crab, Organic Asparagus, Quinoa, and Saffron. So that might have something to do with it!


And last but certainly not least…


Your TLC

Image via Thrillist


According to a recent study, cats crave human interaction! The best, easiest, and FREE way to spoil your pet is with some tender loving care.

Besides, let’s be honest with ourselves! Even if you blow your whole paycheck on luxe products for your cats, they’ll most likely end up playing in the cardboard box it came in. It’s purrty much inevitable.


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