December 21, 2021

Your Cats’ PAWlidays

We asked our community: how is your cat celebrating the PAWlidays?

Pictured above @biggestbestboi, apparently not too impressed with the concept of Christmas!

Some cats are getting in the spirit by “donning their gay apparel”.

Courtesy Sorayah/Facebook

Others are accompanying Meowmy on holiday shopping trips.

Courtesy @marlene_kiwi_trip/Instagram

Did your kitty “help” decorate the tree?

Courtesy Karleen S/Facebook

Or did they just nap through the decorating?

Courtesy Erin F/Facebook

Of course some cats are just too cool to care.

Courtesy @henrik_the_chorkie

Some cats like to help build the holiday gingerbread house.

Courtesy Jennifer J/Facebook

Some lucky kitties got holiday themed hideouts…

Courtesy Kelly B/Facebook
Courtesy Maria S/Facebook

While others visited Santa…

Courtesy @olivia_wes_and_diego

With mixed results!

Courtesy @realpercypersian/Instagram
Courtesy @bartleby/Instagram

However you celebrate, we hope you and your kitty have holidays full of warmth and love!

Courtesy @kmilenis/Instagram