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June 4, 2019

Catching Up With Former CatCon Adoptees!

June marks National Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month AND the fifth annual CatCon! As anyone who’s been to CatCon knows, one of the best parts is the Adoption Village. So far, over 500 cats have been adopted to their furrever homes! Recently, we caught up with some past adoptees to hear how they met and how they’ve gotten on ever since.


From Sapper’s folks…

Image courtesy Tami Jo

Sapper (my husband serves in the Army and is a Sapper so that is where we got the name) interacts with humans much like a dog would.  Sapper needs affection, comes when his name is called, fetches things, eats dog food, and he needs to be held all the time. Our other cats love their alone time, hide often, and do the opposite of EVERYTHING we say!

Sapper loves to explore! He loves to search for mice, moles, birds, insects, and squirrels. He loves chasing his cat brother, Gizmo. He loves climbing trees. Mostly, he sleeps in the woods in a hidden spot. He also walks on a leash!

I would tell future CatCon parents to take everything in and enjoy it all. Go in with a plan before you arrive. There are many cats but not just the cute kittens. The older mature cats need love too! 


Sally’s purrson gave us an update!

Image courtesy Marai

We adopted Cersei but we renamed Sally. We picked her because she has a big patch of orange in her face.

She’s very sweet and unlike her big brother Pablo, she loves to cuddle and groom her humans. Pablo looks after her and if he hears her meowing he immediately looks and goes after her meow. They love to cuddle and groom each other. Pablo always makes sure she is well groomed and he no longer finishes all his food, he always leaves a bite for Sally. Pablo now shares the window that he once claimed only his and not only that, he shares his favorite toys with her. I believe Sally not only conquered our hearts, but she also conquered Pablo’s.  Adopting Sally has been one of the best decisions we have made.


The mom of Wallace reports:

Image courtesy Lindsey

I adopted the infamous cone of shame baby! His name is Wallace and he’s got quite the personality. I was first drawn to him mainly because of the cone and his fabulous ear hair. Wallace spends most of his time grooming all his floof. His favorite toys include hair ties and ice cubes. He’s the sweetest baby and my cat family wouldn’t be complete without him.


Mochi’s mom says…

What a happy life our Mochi has! We are so in love with her. Her favorite activity is to jump into her “moonsuit” (a portable travel cat carrier) and go for coffee, frozen yogurt, or just a walk around the block. She loves to hop into the backpack and never wants to hop out. Her best day ever was the day we put up our Christmas tree!  With a running start, she took flying leaps into the middle of the tree!  Good thing she’s cute!  Thank you, CatCon, for our little love bug, Mochi.


Cayde-6 speaks on her own behalf:

Image courtesy Melly

Mew! Hello! The name is Cayde-6, I got adopted on 8/4/18 when I was 6 weeks old. Meowmy and daddy named me after a video game character in the game Destiny 2 and I am just like him! A hunter and a jokester.

Hooman parents are such nerds hehe but I like my name. I was my meowmy’s birthday surprise and I sure do love her more than dad hooman because since the day I got adopted I’ve been nothing but spoiled by her.

Meowmmy is awesome not only does she work at Petco she is going to school to be a vet tech and I know 100% I will be taken care of so well. Sshe is the best! I love to climb on meowmy’s shoulders, go outside on walks, and climb trees.

I have felt right at home since the day I got adopted and I am so very happy in my forever home.Thank you CatCon… you brought me to the best hoomans I can ever wish for.


From Luci-furr’s family…

Image courtesy Natasha

My daughter and I have been coming to CatCon every year since year 2. We absolutely love it, it’s one of the highlights of the summer for us, this summer was no exception.

We excitedly entered the convention and made our way around some of the booths before the Adoption Village came into sight. I turned to my daughter and said “We’re just going to look. We are NOT getting a kitten! We already have 4 at home.” The words had just left my lips when we came upon the exit to the village. There, in the closest crate to us was the cutest ball of orange fluff you have ever seen.  We both stopped and squeaked an almost unintelligible “Ohmygoshhe’ssocute!”

“We have to go and hold him’ said my daughter.  “Noooo!” I replied, “Absolutely not!”

“Please! Look how cute he is” she implored.

But I stayed firm… for about a minute and a half. Before I knew it, I had crumbled like an old cracker and we were standing in front of his crate,  staring into his beautiful amber eyes. Who was I kidding? This was a done deal! At 4 o’clock we were picking up our cat carrier and heading back to San Diego.

Fast forward to now, Luci-furr (my daughter named him!) is a charming, mischievous, happy little cat. He has developed an adorable friendship with our dog, Rosie. They play chase and tackle around the house every day, much to the amusement of everyone. He loves to try new foods and loves to snuggle. We honestly couldn’t imagine our lives without him now.


Rolo’s dad shares:

Image courtesy Cole

His name is Rolo and we have been taking him everywhere ever since his adoption. He has been to San Francisco/Napa down to Vegas and Arizona, not to mention the many locations around our home here in SoCal. He is our first cat that has been leash trained and enjoys car rides, meeting new people/creatures, and exploring new places. The happiness he brings to our family and all the happiness he has now is because of CatCon and the great team there. 


Henry’s mom tells us…

Image courtesy Anna

Henry was adopted from the very first CatCon. I was working as one of the floor guides at the time. I knew I wanted a cat but decided I’d wait until closing on the last day and if I felt there was one that needed me I’d give it a home.

Henry was one of two and the helpers told me how he meowed so little for food. They said he’d come from a hoarding situation. He just struck me as so handsome with his tuxedo fur. Always dressed to the nines he is.

Henry is a serious cat. He doesn’t like toys but does like meeting new dog friends that pass by our Hollywood home. He’s become severely attached to curling up in the planter at the front door. There he sits, “Serious Henry” greeting his two black and white dog friends that wine for him at the gate every day. He just keeps his distance letting them appreciate from afar.

I love Henry. He’s my serious boy and my buddy.

When adopting a cat you must know you’re truly rescuing that soul. It’s up to you to give them a forever home. They need and deserve that stability like we do. Also, be patient.


Responses have been edited for clarity.


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