December 3, 2020

Cats Playing Chess

Interest in “The Queen’s Gambit” along with the pandemic lockdown has sparked a huge surge in chess set sales and online chess games. Even Charlie the Chess Cat is watching, while this good boi looks like he might be more interested in getting his human to fill up the food dish instead of watching Beth Harmon dominate the competition.  We’re loving these kitties who are getting in on the act and crushing their opponents with their feline wit and intuition! 

(Image above courtesy Instagram/@jennyriffle)

I may be a black cat, but I prefer the advantage that playing white pieces gives me. 

Courtesy Instagram/@sarahzuhralukanic
Your move, hooman. 

Courtesy Instagram/@purlinglondon
Crazyhouse chess is my favorite. 

Courtesy Instagram/@river_rock_balancing

Oh, this is gonna mess with my Grandmaster status…

Courtesy Instagram/@cats_are_the_answer_

No chess table? “J’adoube” (I adjust). 

Courtesy Instagram/
My meow-my is gonna be so surprised when she sees I’m playing Scholar’s Mate

Courtesy Instagram/@flannerythefluffycat
My name is Fluffy, but you can call me Bad Bishop

Courtesy Instagram/@kamil.kemil
When I play chess I like to lead with what I call The Princess Peach Gambit. 

Courtesy Instagram/@catictac12