December 7, 2022

Cats Stealing Food

We humans are happy to share our food on occasion, but some cats don’t wait to ask permission! These photos and artworks caught the feline food thieves red-handed.

@theoreocatofficial was caught in the act!
Courtesy Instagram
@_sophocles‘ cat thought they surely didn’t mean him?
Courtesy Twitter
@bbykaat went for a healthier option.
Courtesy Twitter
This cat must be doing Keto – no one likes cauliflower that much!
Courtesy Reddit/Distractify
Artists like Alexandre-François Desportes have been catching cats in the act of stealing food for centuries…
And inspiring artists like Rudi Hurzlemeier today.
Courtesy Cat Art Show
Or Vanessa Stockard, whose “Let them eat…” isn’t so much about stealing food as DEVOURING it.
Courtesy Cat Art Show