October 31, 2019

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

Halloween can be a fun and safe time for you and your cat if you take the time to plan the holiday with thoughtfulness and consideration. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the tricks and treats of the season. (Image above courtesy of @originalvampirecat, Instagram)

  • Many kitties jump at the sound of doorbells ringing, door-knocking, and loud voices. It may be best to keep your spookable kitty  in a quiet room with access to food and litter box, well away from the chaos — she/he will thank you.

Image courtesy of Paige S., Facebook

  • Cats can’t help it — they love to swat moving objects, including candles and lit Jack O’Lanterns. If you choose to light up the holiday, it’s best to use candles with artificial flames.
  • Many of us enjoy the traditions of decorating ourselves and our homes during Halloween, but please keep in mind that ingesting string can be a digestive hazard for our feline friends.
  • If your cat is one who doesn’t mind wearing costumes, make sure the ones you choose are free of choking hazards and that kitty can easily remove the costume if necessary. As always, we recommend only dressing your cat if they are agreeable to the process.

Image courtesy of @angelbengal, Instagram

  • Most of us humans consider chocolate a food group; however, it’s not a treat for dogs or cats — in fact it’s toxic. Even seemingly healthy treats like raisins are a no-no for our pets.
  • Veterinarians recommend a visible tag with a breakaway collar to identify cats with outdoor privileges, and microchipping is always recommended – not just for Halloween, but all the time! If you haven’t considered these steps, consult with your vet for next steps.

Image courtesy Stacey M., Facebook

  • If you’re reading this, chances are you appreciate the majestic beauty of the black cat and — if anything — consider it good luck. Unfortunately, some people will target cats, especially black cats, for Halloween “pranks.” This is why it’s an especially smart idea to keep your black kitties indoors during the Halloween season, and particularly the night of. If they’re escape artists prone to wandering, offer them special toys or safe treats as a distraction.
  • Old, rotting Jack O’Lanterns are not only an eyesore for humans, they can be downright dangerous for our kitties. And yes, pumpkin can be good for your pets’ digestion, but not a carved pumpkin that’s been sitting out for days or weeks. Feed that pumpkin to the garbage can! 

Image courtesy of @tinycatshop_com, Instagram

Stay thoughtful this Halloween, but have fun! Team CatCon hopes you and your kitty fully enjoy the treats of the season.