March 2, 2018

Incredible Cat Art from the Past and Present

According to the Lunar Calendar, it may be the Year of the Dog, but here at CatCon HQ, it’s always the Year of the Cat! Our sister project Cat Art Show  was helpful in combing through the best  history books and notable artworks to put together a selection of some of our favorite cat-centric art of all time! Which ones speak to you?

(Shown above: A Great Big Giant World, by Marc Dennis. 2014. Courtesy Cat Art Show LA and the artist.) 


Cat and Bird, by Paul Klee. 1928. Courtesy of MOMA


Cat Resting, by Henriëtte Ronner-Knip. Circa 1840’s. Courtesy Wikipedia


Woman with a Cat by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 1875. Courtesy Wikipedia


The Widow, by Frederick Dielman. Circa 1861. Courtesy Boston Public Library


The Sense of Touch, by Philippe Mercier. Circa 1744 -1747. Courtesy the Yale Center of British Art


Gato, by Botero in Barcelona. 1987. Image courtesy of Wikipedia


 Les Mutantes, by Leonor Fini. 1971. Courtesy of


Cat and Bowl of Goldfish, by Ohara Shoson. 1933 Courtesy of Wikipedia


Cat Family, by Jozef Wilkon. Date unknown (perhaps 1980’s). Courtesy of the artist.


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