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June 2, 2019

Is Your Cat Team Box or Team Bag?

Recently, we asked CatCon Facebook fans to share whether their cats are more into boxes or bags!

So, let’s find out which is the winner: BOXES or BAGS?


Here’s one vote for boxes from Jeannie!

Image courtesy Jeannie / Facebook

Emily’s got 2 more for boxes!

Image courtesy Emily / Facebook

Kaylee says it’s mostly box…

Image courtesy Kaylee / Facebook

But she’s got to rep for bags, too.

Image courtesy Kaylee / Facebook

Another vote for Team Bag from Savannah.

Image courtesy Savannah / Facebook

Count one for BOX from Lunas…

Image courtesy Lunas / Facebook

2 from Sandra…

Image courtesy Sandra / Facebook

…and a third vote from Jill putting Team Box firmly in the lead!

Image courtesy Jill / Facebook

Uh-oh! Crystal’s vote is split. Her cat Yuki loves boxes…

Image courtesy Cristal / Facebook

While her other kitty Kamoro goes for bags (and looks cute doing it!).

Image courtesy Cristal / Facebook

Count one inexplicable vote toward Team Basket from Ellon, just to be fair…

Image courtesy Ellon / Facebook

And we have a winner: BOXES!

Image courtesy Barb / Facebook

Is your cat Team Box or Team Bag? Join the conversation!