March 23, 2019

Let’s Go Global with Heliot

Heliot is the resident cat at Castille Paris, one of the most exclusive hotels in the city. Between greeting guests at reception and taking selfies with visitors, he makes sure to get plenty of belly rubs from the staff. Team CatCon chatted with him about his fabulous life, celeb sightings, and fine dining!



CatCon: Tell us how you ended up at Castille Paris.

Heliot: I first met Mrs. Pascale Parchap, the Human Resources Director of Castille Paris – Starhotels Collezione on the street! We quickly became inseparable and she decided one day to show me where she was working. When she brought me to visit the Hotel Castille Paris, I quickly decided that this would be my new dream home. Indeed, I have a large family now, as all of the hotel employees and clients adopted me and I can see my mummy Pascale during the entire day.


What’s your favorite part of living there?

I love playing the chameleon on the grey sofas of the lobby!



Do you have a favorite room you like to hang out in?

Castille Paris is the best playground I have found yet! I have a large lobby where I can take a nap or make fancy poses for the clients’ pictures; a trendy Italian restaurant, l’Assaggio, where I try my best (unsuccessfully) to step in and have some food from the Chef Pablo Sabariego; a traditional Roman patio where I can tan quietly during summer and l’Assaggio Bar where I love to watch the Barman Suneildrasingh make cocktails and preparing one of the best Aperitivo of Paris, Sinoira Castille.



However, my favorite place is the Human Resources & Administrative office where I can sit quietly in the chairs and eat.


What’s your typical day like?

I usually sleep at the reservation office, go downstairs at 8:45 a.m. when I know mummy Pascale will arrive. After eating, I take a rest in the lobby where I often receive hugs from the clients of the hotel and take some fancy pictures with them… I even managed to charm a famous Brazilian actress and TV host, Giovanna Lancelotti.


Image courtesy @gilancellotti


I then go to eat and play around the Human Resource and Administrative office. It also happens that I jump on the reception desk to amuse the reception team.



How old are you?

I turned 6 on December 16, and I had a fabulous birthday party!


Have you met any other kitties at the hotel? Or just dogs?

I have met a few kitty friends at the hotel but, I often see dogs around at Castille Paris … and I really don’t like them.


Tell us a funny story of something that has happened to you since you moved in.

I love to play around the printers of the offices. Once, I jumped on it when the scanner was open and made several funny clichés playing with the buttons.


Your hotel has an amazing restaurant. Please tell us you get to eat at least a little of the fabulous food.

I am always trying to seduce Chef Pablo Sabariego to have some Agnolotti di Mamma Lidia, or Vitello Tonnato, but I just achieved to have some zucchinis for the moment as I am on a little diet ….. but I am not giving up !



What is your motto in life?

Keep calm, take a nap and eat at L’Assaggio.


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