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November 17, 2018

Let’s Go Global with @merlinragdoll and @chillbyivy

merlin and ivy

Team CatCon spoke with everyone’s favorite Canadian curmudgeon Merlin Ragdoll and his adorable little sister Ivy about fame, travel, sibling rivalry, and their holiday plans.


CatCon: How was your first ever trip to LA and to CatCon this year?

Merlin: Well, I thought I would be underwhelmed as usual but when they rolled out the red carpet for me I knew I was born for the spotlight, baby! I’m Canadian, so it turns out Americans think I’m a pretty nice guy despite my miserable face.




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Hi I’m Merlin and I rolled in dirt, and slept through most of my meet & greets today at @catconworldwide.

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What was your favorite part of your trip?

Merlin: I think the best part of my vacation was the wonderful naps I took during my Meet & Greets at CatCon. I caught up on some much needed rest. I expected to see more Katdashians but it’s ok because the room service caviar was 2-die-4.


So when you came home, a few weeks later, you had a roommate. How has your life changed?
Merlin: After my California getaway, I was feeling quite zen until this noisy, white thing named Ivy came intruding on my life. I think she’s trying to take my spotlight. But it’s okay, because we moved into a new castle and there is tons of room to avoid her!



CatCon: Hey, Ivy! Nice to meet you! What’s your favorite thing about your big brother?

Ivy: The best part about Merlin is the fact that he is actually a huge pushover so when I want a little extra dinner, I steal his food until mama comes along and sticks up for him. He’d starve without her.


CatCon: Merlin – do you have a nickname for Ivy?


Merlin: CRIVY.


CatCon: Ivy – same question.


Ivy: I don’t personally, but I’ve heard a bajillion from the humans. Shortlist: Merlin Munroe, Merly Merlz, Merly Burly, MerMer, Momo, Momo-Bobo, Bobo, Bobo the Clown, Maui Wowie, Meowie Wowie.



CatCon: Ivy, do you get a lot of fan mail now that you’re on social?

Ivy: Yes! Someone even told me I am more popular than Merlin, but don’t tell him I said that. Wouldn’t want to mess with his complex.



CatCon: Ivy: What’s the biggest thing people don’t know about you?
Ivy: I sleep at my mamas head every night and purr all night long (okay the last part might not come as a surprise).



CatCon: Do you guys have plans for the holidays? Ivy, do you know what snow is?

Merlin: I’ll be spending the next month collecting coal to fill Ivy’s stocking with.

Ivy: I have seen snow out of the windows but haven’t gone on an adventure yet, I think our mama is worried she won’t be able to find me in the snow!


CatCon: Last question: are you coming to CatCon next year?
Merlin: Let me answer your question with another question, will there be tuna?


You can keep up with Merlin and Ivy’s latest adventures on Instagram at @merlinragdoll and @chillbyivy


CatCon will take place Saturday, June 29th – Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at the Pasadena Convention Center, in Pasadena, CA