October 27, 2017

Let’s Go Global with @originalvampirecat

This is Mamba, aka @originalvampirecat aka NosferPAWtu.

In this SUPER SPOOKY version of our Let’s Go Global! series we meet the polydactyl from Transylvania with a bloodlust matched only by his thirst for puns.

CatCon: How old are you, and where did you come from?

The shelter guessed that my approximate age upon my adoption in March 2014 was about 2 years old. However, my MEOWmmy thinks that I was actually a little less than 1 year old, because when she brought me home I quickly started growing much bigger and taller! I was gaining powers, gaining strength. Now I am somewhere between 4-5 years old, although – as we all know – luckily vampires are immortal.

My MEOWmmy was told that I came from a no-kill shelter in Fresno, CA that was too full for me to stay there. Where I was before that has always been a mystery to her. However, little does she know, I originated in Transylvania – the native land of vampires and also vamPURRs (i.e., vampire cats)!

CatCon:Tell us about the other kitties in your house– do you all get along?

I have two adopted sisters – a white Siamese/Tabby mix named Khaleesi and a gray Russian Blue mix named Beatrix. Black/white/gray – together, we make up all of the colors of a classic silent horror film, like Nosferatu! All three of us are rescues and we are all special needs cats. I am in good health thankfully, but my oversized fangs sometimes make it impossible for me to control the fact that I often drool all over furniture! I also get lethargic if I haven’t been able to drink blood in a while.

The three of us aren’t all friendly, but we’re mostly cordial. Since I was “fixed” later in life, sometimes I can’t help that I find my adopted sisters’ feminine presence to be veeerrrryyyyy sensual, so I flirt with them. But they don’t like it.

By the way, lady cats – I’m single and ready to mingle! I enjoy brooding FURRtively inside Amazon boxes and CLAWnquering the climb to the top of the refrigerator. And if you’ve got catnip, I’m always ready to PAWrty!

CatCon: What’s your typical day like?

I’m a very busy man, with places to go, and people to eat! Obviously, I’m PURRessed for time because I have to fit in at least 16 hours of sleep a day, and I have to do it during daylight hours, so my schedule is always packed. My MEOWmmy’s one drawback is that she’s too cheap to buy me a proper coffin, so I use her leftover Amazon Prime boxes. Sometimes I hibernate deep inside her bedside drawers. I love crawl spaces and dark places, speaking both as a cat and as a vampurr.

When I’m awake, I spend a lot of time snuggling MEOWmmy, and also any human guests she has invited over, if she has company. I love all humans. The smell of their blood is intoxicating! I also spend a fair amount of time trying to seduce Bea and Khaleesi, but they aren’t attracted to me for some reason. Please tell them about my raw animal magnetism if you get the chance! Otherwise, my favorite pastime is darting around the apartment quicker than a bat in flight!

CatCon: What kind of cat are you?

I am a Bombay mix! I’m also polydactyl – which means that I have a symmetrical mutation that genetically benefits certain cats, including me. I have 6 toes on each of my front two paws! Other distinguishing features include panther-like brown markings on my face, goofy round yellow eyes, a tiny tuft of white fur on my chest, and an even tinier tuft of white fur on my back – like a tiny birthmark! Oh, and also, I’m devastatingly handsome. And a generous snuggler!

CatCon: Who’s your favorite movie vampire?

Nosferatu! My MEOWmmy nicknamed me “NosferPAWtu” after my polydactyl paws, but some of my fans prefer to call me “NosFURRatu.”

CatCon: We’ve been admiring your Instagram feed, where you’ve proven you really know how to rock a Halloween costume. What’s your favorite?

Why, thank you! We’ve been admiring CatCon, too! I’ve been, in no particular order – a bumblebee, a bat, a velociraptor, a shark, a robed king, a butterfly, a slice of pizza, a cloaked vampire, a pharaoh, a pumpkin and a wizard.  More costumes coming soon, always.

I also have many Halloween-themed bow ties, bandanas and accessories. My favorite is actually a special bow tie that was custom made for me by @mrsnowsbowties. It was made to resemble my own face! Talk about haute couture. I also really like wearing bow ties made by @furryboy.leo!

CatCon: Be honest, have you ever met a pun you didn’t like?

Nope! Wordplay is the name of my game. Even my name is a pun. I am an all-black cat named Mamba, thus my name actually means (Black) Mamba. I was named after the assassin lead heroine character in Kill Bill – Black Mamba was her codename in the film! Like her, I am a natural-born killer – of course, in my case, a killer of the blood-sucking variety.

CatCon: Let’s get serious for a minute, there’s a stigma around black cats because of outdated superstitions and beliefs.  What would you say to our readers who might be hesitant about bringing a black cat into their lives?

Black cats are the least often adopted and most frequently euthanized in animal shelters. It’s truly a tragedy and it’s a very serious issue – you’re right. At the time I was adopted, I was so unwanted relative to the other cats at my adoption event, I was actually discounted! Can you believe that? I went from disCOUNT Dracula to the Beloved NosferPAWtu you know and love now! Black cats don’t deserve the negative stereotypes that have been assigned to us. Just because we’ve been unfairly associated with witchcraft and superstition doesn’t mean that we don’t make wonderful pets. Halloween is an especially dangerous time of the year for us because of the few people who use black cats for pranks or rituals. The best thing you can do for felinekind this time of year is to give a deserving black cat a loving home!

It’s also wonderful to adopt adult cats instead of kittens, because adult cats have a much harder time getting adopted than kittens do. Arguably, adult cats make even better pets than kittens, especially for first-time cat owners or for busy folks who spend a lot of hours at work. My sister Khaleesi and I were both adopted as adults, and our age was preventing us from getting adopted quickly, unfortunately. And adopting disabled animals like my sister Khaleesi, who’s deaf, is a generous and kind idea, especially if their disabilities don’t impact their quality of life very much.  

CatCon: Last but not least, what is your motto?

Always PURRsue “Love at first bite!” That’s what I live for.

You can follow Mamba’s FANGtastic exploits on Instagram.