December 21, 2017

Meow-y Christmas Cats!

We asked our fans on Facebook if they dressed their cat for the PAWlidays. Here are just a few of our faves!


 Coco, Image credit Donna-Jean
Whoever said horizontal stripes aren’t flattering obviously never met Coco.


Image credit Sarah M.
I wear this because in cold weather all the heat escapes from your head, DUH!


Bailey. Image credit Kristy J.
I wasn’t peeking at the presents, mom, honest!


Image credit Meagan B.
Look, I don’t know who this Rudolph dude is, but I have the sleigh guiding thing covered, okay?


Winston. Image credit Angie F
You feeling strong, my friend? Call me elf one more time.


Image credit Trisha M.
I saw it in the window and I just HAD to have it!


Image credit: Callie G.
Look, I’m just Santa’s HELPER, okay? I cannot guarantee you will get Hatchimals this year.


Image credit: Laura D.
I wake up looking this good. #flawless #Beyonce


Image credit Kat A
Oh, the skirt goes around the TREE?


Mr. Spot Image credit: Sandy M.
My name might be Mr. Spot, but I loves the stripes.


Boof, Image credit: Kelly D.
Pecan pie has HOW MANY calories?


Packard, Image credit: Samantha D.
I’m only doing this for the treats.


Midnight, Image credit: Amanda C.
I’m ready for my close-up.


Image credit: Robin B.
After the holidays I’m totally turning this into an AirBnB.


Image credit: Janet G.
Careful. I can add you to my Naughty List at any time.


Jack, Image credit Nina F.
SRSLY, the Nice List is NOT set in stone.


We know not every cat enjoys dressing up (the CatCon Muse is NOT a fan, and in fact purr-fers to go au naturel), so we appreciated Christina’s approach to adding some PAWliday cheer to her cat pix:

Image credit: Christina D.

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