June 30, 2019

Welcome to Purradise!

If you love cats (I mean, who doesn’t? ), you do NOT want to miss Purradise City! Debuting June 29th and 30th at CatCon 2019, it’s the must-see kitty-themed exhibition of all time!

Highlights include: the “Kitty Kitsch” house that features feline decor and figurines from days of yore, “I’m Having a Meow-ment” space that incorporates mirrors and wordplay, Postcards from Purradise which takes you through the history of the cat meme, and Infinite Treats, a fun room inspired by CatCon sponsor TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats.

Watch the video below to see Kitty Correspondent Brittany be one of the first to ex-PURR-ience Purradise City! 

CatCon 2019 was June 29th and 30th. More info on future events coming soon!

Photo credit: Adam Hartman @professor_pouncey/CatCon