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November 20, 2019

Royal Cats

The British Royal Family are famous for their love of dogs (Queen Elizabeth’s corgis were iconic examples of royal companionship). But that got us wondering, which royals are partial to fab felines?  


When Princess Margaret famously visited the U.S. in 1965 (as shown this season on “The Crown”), the San Francisco Press Club did their best to get her on Team Cat by presenting her with a replica of their deco cat sculpture.

Image above and here courtesy San Francisco Chronicle
Courtesy Hello!

Princess Michael of Kent, who is Queen Elizabeth’s cousin by marriage, celebrated her 70th birthday in high style with her beloved Siamese. 


Looking further back at the royal family tree, we learned Queen Victoria’s son Prince Leopold had a cat named Snowdrop, given to him in 1856 when he was 3. 


Queen Alexandra, when she was Princess of Wales, posed with her own white kitten sometime around 1870. 

Courtesy Pinterest

More recently, the Duchess of Cornwall has become the Royal Patron of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, where she tussled with these two cute kitties. 

Courtesy Instagram/@quitathekitty

Prince Charles and the Duchess recently had a very warm encounter with Quita the therapy cat at the London Farmers Market at Swiss Cottage. (This is not the first time the Prince of Wales has been delighted by something cat-inspired.)

Courtesy Twitter/@KensingtonRoyal

Maybe the only commoner not enthralled with the glam Duchess of Cambridge is A Street Cat Named Bob himself. 


The Queen has a special relationship with the Prime Minister, who resides at #10 Downing Street. Regardless of who the current Prime Minister is, or their party affiliation, #10 has one steadfast (and adorable) resident: Larry the Cat. He’s not a royal, but he’s still a prince of a cat! Larry shot down rumors that he was retiring next year, calling them “fake mews”! 


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